Foreign community at Chinese World of Warcraft

For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 Welcome Everybody

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Timmy The CruelTimmy The Cruel

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  Mon 7 Aug 2006 - 12:49  #

The main purpose of this forum is to gather foreign players at World of Warcraft China.

1 guild has already clearly settled with about 60 players from all around the world: the pve alliance Cow Eaters that you can find on Shanghai 上海1 on the maduolan 玛多兰server.

2 other guilds are also on their way on
- Beijing 北京 2, Zhuzai zhijian 主宰之剑, pvp alliance, Laowai and co.
- Guangdong 广东 4, Aodelanke 澳得兰克 - PVP Hord - Crazy .

So, why playing on Chinese WoW???

As we where in China (in 2005) during the release of WoW, 2 of us had decided to try the Chinese version because we just had no choice.

We have found out a few advantages:

- Many players do NOT appreciate to pay every month to play a game. Most of them work, study or take care of their family...
13 can be a little too much! WoW in China Does NOT require a monthly payment. You only need to buy cards to play at the hour. It is thus easier to manage your playtime and not to feel obliged to become a nolife geek!

- this forum should also reach (we hope so) foreign expats who live in China. Their main advantages are : they can buy this card and their ping is quite low. Some players kept their european account in China and had to play with a 6000 ping/second!!!
Moreover, playing from France for instance ( we do not know about the other countries) is very possible with an average ping of 400/ second.

- it is also a very good way for those who want to get better at their Chinese language!

- But do not think you can only play in Chinese! We have found a way to play in English, French, German, Spanish... . Like a Star @ heaven
Everything you need to know to sign up is in other threads.

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Welcome Everybody

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