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 Notes of gold/roll raids in 3.0.5 CWOW

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  Tue 7 Apr 2009 - 4:54  #
Hi guys, I'm Lee, a chinese guy playing with some foreign friends. Since WOTLK is not coming until June(don't ask me how do i know it) and gold raid is flourishing in CWOW, here's some notes that i think might be of little help to foreign players in CWOW.
天之宇 region 1 Maduolan

1.Here's some Abbreviations
SS=warlock MS=priest DZ/Z=rogue ZS=worrior QS=paladin XD=druid FS=mage SM=shaman LR=hunter
MH/HS=mount hyjal BT=Black temple YX=heroic mode

2.some rules about gold/roll raids
1)players r divided into two catogories when u whisper RL to join a gold raid: Workers and Customers. Workers (have 2t6+ or more, depending on RL's requirement) share gold, and Customers don't(sometimes RL may allow big Customers, that is who spend a lot in raid, to share gold). Tanks and no.1 dpser and no.1 healer get extra bonus sometimes.
2)when boss's down, bidding will starting on the items and the highest one gets it. if no one wants certain drop, Customers might be forced to take them, if they have poorer items.
3)in roll raids u roll whatever is dropped, as long as it's better than what u had. certain items r more rogue-related/healer-related/others-related, so just pay a little attention.

3.I never play in foreign servers so dunno the difference between different tactics but in 3.0.5(a sick-fun patch), every boss in HS/BT seems so easy. in fact very few boss could last 3min, under the animal-like damage 3.0.5 players can do. generally stay together with the crowd is a good idea but do watch out if they spread.

4.Bigfoot is an addon both in chinese and english. Search it in google but plz be ware of the Trojans. Only Bigfoot in and are safe to download. Bigfoot is what most chinese players use in wow.

If there's any other question that u wanna ask, plz reply and i'll answer asap. Good luck to ya'll

Notes of gold/roll raids in 3.0.5 CWOW

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