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For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 Hi there!

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  Thu 23 Apr 2009 - 17:24  #

I just moved to Zhenjiang (Jiangsu Province) 2 weeks ago because I'm doing a semester of internship here and I realized my internet speed was not good enough for me to get on the EU servers where I usually play. I tried to get a faster connection but it seems like the fastest connection available (which I have now) in my area is still too slow to play on WoW EU. I run it on an average of ~800ms (red) and whenever I do arenas or raid I get 1-2 seconds delay which is unplayable.

As as alternative, I tried to get CWoW but my ability to read Chinese is limited and then I googled "how to play chinese wow in english" (I'm serious!) and this site popped up as the first result. I've been reading here and there and it seems you guys are still not getting WotLK, that sucks. But still, I started playing WoW only end of last year right before WotLK was launch so I figured that TBC content might be a good change.

Sorry if I've posted in the wrong area, but I really didn't see any areas where new members can post to ask a few questions about how to start.

I've read the FAQs and stickies but I still got some question in mind:

  • Is there really no way to "convert" my current WoW EU client (3.1.1) to play the CWoW? Like downgrading and such? If it's not possible, I'll have to get the CDs for CWoW right, by then would I still be able to play it in English? I saw a guide somewhere where you change the realmlist to connect to the EU server and patch from their servers then switch back to CWoW and login, viola! Considering that the fact that CWoW is way behind WoW EU, is that still possible?

  • I tried registering at The9 website and I am required to fill in "my" Chinese ID number. Is there a way to "bypass" that 18 digit hell? Or do I have to ask for my colleague's?

  • Someone mentioned somewhere that it is possible to purchase WoW CDs from kiosks in China. I'm still kinda new to the place around me, so if someone can point out the name (Chinese characters are fine with me!) of these kiosks or potential gaming shops where I can purchase the installation CDs so I can start playing? That would help a lot!

  • Also, are there any English speaking communities (or guilds) around that would allow me to join? My Chinese is below average so I read really slow, so I doubt I can survive in the Chinese communities.

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  Thu 23 Apr 2009 - 17:41  #
1.First open your WoW directory and go to data.
2.Delete the Patch.mpq file.
3.Go to the begin of your WoW directory en start Repair.exe
4.Only activate: Reset World Of Warcraft Cache Data.
5.Let it repair and when its finished it will be patch 2.0.12 and if you dont have The Burning Crusade it will be the first patch
6. Patch up to 3.03
7. Find and Replace your wow.exe file with the 3.05 Chinese one (you can find it on this site look for the evil 3.05 thread)

You have to ask one of your colleagues

There's a solid group on Area 2 Beijing, Warsong realm, called Foreign Shards.

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  Thu 23 Apr 2009 - 18:20  #
Thanks for the speedy and informative reply. Gonna try to set things up after work tomorrow. Wee for Fridays!
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Hi there!

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