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 Wrath Release Date?

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Joined : 2008-09-16

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Name: Overpowered
Guild: Foreign Shards

  Tue 2 Jun 2009 - 16:49  #
I'm just wondering if anyone heard about the possibility of Netease having wrath ready when the servers go back up? Or is it still the original target date of mid to late August?

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Server: Shanghai 1
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Guild: the foreigners

  Wed 3 Jun 2009 - 9:30  #
I highly doubt they will try to do both a complete game transfer AND an upgrade in one shot. Also, since they have already lost a ton of players plus the ones who will leave during the week(s) of this transition, they need a really BIG launch of Wrath to bring everyone back. That needs good marketing and planning. So don't count on being able to play Wrath before the end of summer in my opinion.

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Name: Glowbug

  Sat 6 Jun 2009 - 5:44  #
the server hardware transfers are suppose to take place tomorrow, june 7th, correct? how long will the servers be down? i don't know if i can go with WoW or a month in this place... ugh...

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  Sat 6 Jun 2009 - 15:54  #
well i heard that server will be done until end June but only the major servers will online end of June. All minor servers will be online 2 weeks after end of June. You just hope you a major server or you be waiting 6 weeks like me. I can live with out wow, i just wish warhammer would come to china, thats game i can not live with out.

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  Sat 6 Jun 2009 - 19:33  #
I dread to think how much stuff I'm gonna lose in the in-game mailboxes....

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  Sat 6 Jun 2009 - 20:12  #
well according to the website
there was a snapshot taken, when they shut down the servers. so when the servers are up again and you log in immediately, it should be the same time as when you loged out.
eg. you put something 1 sec before the servers shut down in AH for 48 hours, it then should still be 47 hours,59 min and 59 sec. when the servers go up.
we can hope it will be as mentioned, but we wont know until we can log in again.....

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  Mon 8 Jun 2009 - 3:25  #
Don't hold your breath.

The9 is suing and some of the charges won't be heard until July 18th. While the suit is pending Blizz is not allowed to do business under the WoW franchise as it's the disputed product.

Bass Turds.

Google it.. "the 9 suing Blizzard"
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Wrath Release Date?

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