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 porposal of a mixed chinese-foreign guild

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Joined : 2008-05-20

  Fri 26 Jun 2009 - 10:29  #
some players in my guild talked about the possibility of setting up a mix guild with both chinese and foreign players to do t7/8 raids. this is how it would work:

two RLs, two TS channels/in-game channels, one explaining tactics to chinese players in chinese, other one explaining it to foreigners in english.
in this way both chinese and foreigners can enjoy the new content and if there's less foreigners in the raid, other chinese can join to fill the gap so that the raid does not stop. how ever, this means the foreign players must achieve certain level of attendance, so that it is worthy to save them positions in raids.

I myself could be one of these two RLs but i find no such people in my realm can do the same thing. i guess that's why Cow Eaters didn't work in the past.

what do you guys think?

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Server: Bronzebeard
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  Fri 26 Jun 2009 - 11:02  #
What is T6/T7?
what is RL?
What is TS?

just joking...

If u r a hard core player without childish behavior just come to Bronzebeard realm, we'll join you to our chinese/english guild with Sunwell farming (atm). People here r good and very tolerante to foreigners. example: i joined one kid and he borrowed 1000G, cursed GM and left... GM said "No worries, he is just a kid". ... good GM...

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Server: 奥特兰克-CN1(PVP) Horde
Name: Smallearth
Guild: The Crazy waiguorens

  Fri 26 Jun 2009 - 12:23  #
Lol yeah leewaihom, at a matter of fact, the idea of two RL in a raid is nice, but I've seen so many stories about people not agreeing on the strats and just wasting a raid night caus of ego, it kinda marked me for the rest of my days.
That being said if peoples can manage to make a guild horde side on a pvp realm(caus transfer from pvp to pve aren't allowed as far as I know)I wouldn't mind transfer one of my chars to give it a try, for sure.
So far mixed guild can work well, but their biggest problem are that they rely a lot on their RL, if one cannot come, sorry no raid, or if one decide to quit, to move, to leave the guild, or to spread the *sheet*, same result.

When you log on a realm type "/join english" to get in touch with the community members.
WoW English/Chinese glossary (2000+ translated words) found on
English speakers are consolidating on the same realm for Cataclysm check this thread

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Name: Juliask-Zobun
Guild: Cow Eaters

  Fri 26 Jun 2009 - 13:25  #
Cow Eaters worked very well Lee. But most old members had not in mind to go more Hardcore or only focus on their foreign Guild.

Most People know the tactics very well and we joined Chinese Guild Raids or started some. But yes the RL was then mostly a Chinese speaker.

I guess the mixed Rl might not work so well but i still believe as we did it successful in the past you might just act as translator or either both.

People just have to understand from my opinion its a simple system first come first chosen otherwise weekly raids are doomed to fail with most Laowei.

HEHE COWEATERS where always more intending to have fun then getting Hardcore.

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Server: 奥特兰克-CN1(PVP) Horde
Name: Wushu/Thron
Guild: The Crazy Waiguoren

  Fri 26 Jun 2009 - 16:55  #
I like the idea! Let it be done fast before the vacations end!

We need to find a guild that understands our situation though, which wont be too hard... I guess?
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porposal of a mixed chinese-foreign guild

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