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 Blizzard's Projects

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Name: Darksephi

  Wed 24 Jan 2007 - 6:27  #
Yop All

Here is a topic to tell you some info about some Blizzard projects I have just seen today! (I already expect replies "gnagnagna I already knew it gnagnagna Razz )

- Development of Starcraft 2! The 20th century hit willat least be on our 21th century computers!
- Development of a new MMORPG !!! This one will be based on Starcraft universe. Blizzard said that it won't be just a copy of WoW, they gonna restart from 0 to create a new wonderful dreaming world for nolifes that we are!
- Development of World of Warcraft The Movie (don't have any info about it No )

So if you have some info about all this or new ones plz reply Laughing I just wanted to launch the subject tongue

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Name: noobcake

  Wed 24 Jan 2007 - 7:42  #
For the movie, they anounced that they were planning it since long and that they already chosed the studio to work with. It is not a big company like MGM and they will be given a large freedom of direction... Thats about all they sayed ... Personally, i just hope it's gonna be the story of a tauren and his forsaken friend that have a pation for skinning humans and eating gnomes for breakfest. But i highly doubt it could be Sad

For starcraft3, i didn't see any news.

For Oline starcraft, nothing Sad

The last project i'm trying to follow is DiabloIII. According to rumors, a team already developped a prototype 2 years ago, but blizzard finally refused and restarted all from the begining Smile

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Name: Biceps

  Wed 24 Jan 2007 - 9:52  #
Im not aware of any of blizzard project but... Starcraft 2!!!!! Shocked Shocked That sounds like the very good news of the day!!! I was some 8 years ago a student who spent nights on Broodwar!! That game was simply incredible and has never been surpassed by his successor War3 or others RTS (Real Time Strategy for non experts). I have never been fan of the game with heroes, except for Age of Mythology (AoM) which was graphically on his time of an exceptional beauty (and still today).

Except that, I have no info to share, sorry... Rolling Eyes

田畕畾畕田 - Mage Herborist/Miner/Grinder

  Thu 25 Jan 2007 - 15:46  #
Yup, cool, thanks for this news !
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Blizzard's Projects

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