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 Looting when in group mode

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  Tue 2 Feb 2010 - 12:50  #

Its me again, the one with many questions, ahahahha, i hope you guys are not annoyed with my questions.

I encountered new thing today while playing WOW and has strike my curiosity. It is about looting corpses while in a group, here we go:

1. When i pick up money from the corpses that i am allowed to loot, does that money divided equally between team members?
e.g 2 players in a group, x gold divided by 2 = x amount for each member

2. If it is not above, then is the money is divided from the corpses selection?
e.g when killing monsters together, there are corpses that i can loot and i cannot loot, so does the money that i found on the corpses that i can loot belongs ALL to me or when i pick it up it is divided among the team?

3. I am also confused with the need and greed select. Can someone explain to me more?

4. What is the time bar that comes with the need and greed icon selection for when i loot not a common item?

5.When i click on the need icon, what will happen?

6. When i click on the greed icon, what will happen?

7. Is there any unwritten common or special rules for looting together in a group?

Thank you very much for the answers!

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Blind DragonBlind Dragon

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  Tue 2 Feb 2010 - 13:45  #
1. I believe the money is split equally amongst the members of the group. However there may be some kind of setting the captain of a raid can change to change this.

3. Need and greed:
When an uncommon item is dropped, each member of the group has a chance to obtain this item.
The green bar indicates how much time is left to choose either need or greed
If you hit need, you will make a need roll of x amount. anybody else that also rolls need will roll a number. the highest number receives the item.
The same thing with greed, but i think all need rolls are stronger than all greed rolls.

a specific rule is that if you cant actually wear an item or dont actually need it, don't roll need. for example:

I have a warrior and a shiny epic robe just dropped, and there is a mage in our group that needs this shiny epic robe.
do NOT roll on this shiny epic robe, unless you want to be a total asshole and perhaps be kicked from the group.

also, when in a raid, theres this kind of rule (at least with me) where you dont loot until the main people loot first. (I dunno if it actually works this way, but i usually end up looting last)

oh and also, a lot of people dont tolerate the: "oh i need this for my alt" excuse.
Mukla the gorillaMukla the gorilla

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  Tue 2 Feb 2010 - 13:51  #
1. Yes

2. No
3. Need : The roll has priority. For example if you chose need and I chose greed, only you will be able to loot.

4. If the time bar reaches 0, you won't be able to chose Need/Greed anymore, therefore you wont be able to loot the item.

5. Need : as I said, your roll will be played in priority. If 10 men chose greed and 1 chose need, only the need roll will be played.

6. If everybody click greed, the one whose score is higher will get the item. If someone has clicked need, the roll won't happen.

7. Sometimes, you'll be in a raid group where there is only a raid leader. The raid leader will be able to chose to who give each item. For example. X drops.
Raid leader will anounce : X--/roll
Everyone who needs it will roll (/random or /roll command, depending on your game version). Then, the one who gets the higher score will be given the item by the raid leader.

If it's not clear (im kinda busy), feel free to ask more questions.

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  Tue 2 Feb 2010 - 20:37  #
What u didn't ask but should have asked is the looting priority.
The leader, after a party/group is formed, has the right to decide how the special loot goes to.

He can decide that the looting priority is set as follows:
1.Master loot, meaning the leader of the party, or any appointed member of the group ,has the right to give the special item to anyone of the party/group. What's more, there are 3 levels of special items:green, blue, purple(epic). During master loot, the leader will decide the level of master looting, eg, blue, then the looter can only decide who gets blue/purple. The rest members can need/greed on green items.
2. Free loot, anyone in the party/group can loot the corpse, and the money/items goes to he who loots first.
3. Need loot, members of the group can only need/greed on the items they are able to equip/use/learn. Eg, an enchaning recipe drops, and there is only 2 enchanters in the group, then both of them can need/greed on the recipe.

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  Thu 4 Feb 2010 - 10:34  #
Wow, Thank you very much! Now everything is clear...! One more thing, though..about the corpses, the corpses that are shiny in my computer's screen are not shiny in other people's computer, right? Meaning, the shiny corpses are for me to loot only. Or does it look shiny on others too?

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  Thu 4 Feb 2010 - 11:11  #
Depends on the loot mode

Free for all means shiny for everybody
if you are the only one that can loot its only shiny to you

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  Thu 4 Feb 2010 - 13:35  #
shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny "...Wah? Who took my loot?"
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Looting when in group mode

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