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 Cwow and Twow

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  Fri 26 Feb 2010 - 10:57  #
I am just curious if anyone can help me.

I want to try the taiwan servers, however i also want to keep the ability to log on to the cwow servers as well. Currently i have WOWUS folder with all teh chinese fonts files etc... the game launches from that folder when i use skeleton.exe

How can i keep this folder and the ability to log on while also having a Taiwan US wow folder and can log on to that (since i need to patch up to the most current game files.)

Do i just need to make another folder? copy it somewhere else and patch there? And what do i need to set the realmlist to to get on taiwan servers?

Thanks in advance

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  Fri 26 Feb 2010 - 15:58  #
currently Taiwan realm are the same with US/EU under

as for china, they are merely only at 3.1.3

in order to have both WoW client running in same pc, you may have to try this method.

1. Clean uninstall away all WoW & it subfolders in your pc
2. Start up both installer (TW & CN) at the same time.
3. Try to install both client at the same time BUT at different folders.
(if one of them are installed at the default folder c:/program files, please refrain from the other one at same folder)

There's a thread posted earlier (long ago matter of fact) on How To Change Realm using the same client (in your case, you need to do at both different folders). To make your life easier, here you go.

TW Realm (Tradditional Chinese Client)
set realmlist
set patchlist
set realmlistbn ""
set portal tw

TW Realm (International Client)
set realmlist
set patchlist
set realmlistbn ""
set portal tw

CN Realm
set realmlist cn(X)
set patchlist
set realmlistbn ""
set portal cn

(x) refer to the server number in China

Hope this helps

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  Sat 27 Feb 2010 - 2:40  #
Hi mate that's to difficult as demonel explain.

step 1: It's easier to copy your whole wow folder to another harddrive (externall or other partition).
-keep your original folder untouched, to play via skeleton in china
-rename the wow folder u just copy to wow-taiwan or whatever you like( this is only sugestion to easy remeber which cumtry you connect to, it's not mandatory to make it work)
-now change all the things in your copy wow back to original state, before you modify to play in china( remember do all of this in the wow folder you copied as mention in step 1!!
-start wow with original launcher put in any account name and pw, wow wil then patch itself to the latest version
-after you update your copy folder to the latest patch, change the realmlist as mention by demonel and your ready to play!!!

So easy no need to reinstall anything, when your done you should have 2 wow Copys on your pc one to play in china and one to play in USA or Europe or Taiwan( it just depends on the realmlist. WTF)

have fun and maybe you try to make a toon at the same server as demonel! I will also make a reroll later on.
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Cwow and Twow

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