Foreign community at Chinese World of Warcraft

For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 The Crazy Waiguoren - how to find us.

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Joined : 2006-11-26
Male Age : 44
Location : 285 km South of Shanghai

Character in WOW
Server: region 4 澳得兰克
Name: Sainan

  Tue 6 Feb 2007 - 2:12  #
We are setting up a guild on 澳得兰克. You can find us by making a char on all the PvP servers in region 4 (澳得兰克is about 6-10 down if you sort by name) and then do a ”/who crazy” or check the channel “laowai” In channel laowai expect to see: Sainan, Gretchen, Tre, Naklin, Deadanus, Mimi.

We are currently at least 10 foreign people on the server. Some players have level 60 in Chinese guilds - since raiding requires a lot of people – but from a social point of view a nice English speaking guild would be cool, if nothing else, then just for leveling up. We are also inviting Chinese players as long as they understand that we must speak in English. So if you want to re-roll on a new server, come look for us.


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Character in WOW
Server: TW-Stormscale (雷鱗)
Name: Naklin
Guild: All Gear No Skill

  Tue 6 Feb 2007 - 5:58  #
you forgot Zarda......The little Zarda..... Zarda is also int he channel and on the server. hehe.....

But Zarda is getting married..... GXGX to the debuff, my friend.
so he will be less online until the whole thing is over (the ceremony, not the marriage itself) ^^

Nak will continue to raid in CHN guild for now, Bedo might hop over to you as you dont have a hunter yet.

on the other hand, if you get 60 before TBC comes out in china (VERY likely if you do it well), we can all regroup maybe , as instances and even raids are limited at maximum 25 players. Smile
That should somehow be doable.

Anywyas.... gonna go back to work:)


Come and join on Starcraft 2 as well =]

The Crazy Waiguoren - how to find us.

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