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 2 new players on Maiduolan

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Joined : 2009-11-03

  Sat 17 Apr 2010 - 23:38  #

A friend and I are about to create 2 toons on Maiduolan, since it's seems to be the most foreigners friendly server ou there, and it appears that there is an active english speaking guild, which is what my mate and I have been looking for since we started playing on C-WoW.
I was just wondering:
-first, if the guild or at least a few english players were still active
-second if there were any classes needed in the guild
My friend and I intended to roll a priest and a mage, but if there are any request, I'm ready to change my mind Smile

Hope to see you soon IG

(dont have a name IG yet, since I will start playing next tuesday, I will post it asap)

EDIT: Oh btw, we'd rather play Horde, and I think I've read somewhere that there's also a Horde guild on the same server...Would be great if someone could confirm! I don't really want to lose all my BG Very Happy If not, then Alliance it will be!

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Male Location : 99% Suzhou and 1% Germany

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Server: MaDuoLan - 马多兰, Menethil-米奈希爾-TW
Name: Juliask-Zobun
Guild: Cow Eaters

  Sun 18 Apr 2010 - 14:40  #
Hi mate. Thx for the post but most active cow eaters have been moved to Taiwan server. To be honest even I am gl I was not there since a month as most expats have gathered in twow.
Yes there is also a guild on horde side lead by usul - laoweiguy but I don't know the state ATM I guess same as for cow eaters due to the move to Taiwan server.

If you like pm me and we can meet in cwow if you like to get invited.

Unfortunatly the server we play now in Taiwan is already locked since it's quite popular but there are some people waiting and leveling on other servers. Hopefully they can transfer their toons soon.

So if I were you I would consider Taiwan server instead of Chinese one.

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Server: 瑞文戴尔pvp,马多兰pve, 山丘之王pvp
Name: Fartblossom,Bonehead,Greathealer,Retibution
Guild: pve, Cow eaters

  Mon 19 Apr 2010 - 7:36  #
The guild on horde side juat like 4 or 5 players left. On allaince like 3 or 4 left. Wellcme to join either side.

  Tue 20 Apr 2010 - 8:04  #
joined ally side on maduolan^^
another new player^^
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2 new players on Maiduolan

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