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 Lee asking for a favor. About European stamps

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Joined : 2008-05-20

  Fri 20 Aug 2010 - 19:20  #
Hey my dear Cow Eater friends, Very Happy
This summer i worked for a stone statue and pillars manufacturer, who supplies pillars for a hotel in Pakistan (or Hasakstan, I don't know which -stan). He is a big collector of stamps and specially designed envelopes and he likes to show off his stamp and envelope collection to his friends, well his not-so-rich friends, so that he would look like a sophisticated businessman.
Very soon he's gonna have another project that requires some translation and that's where I find my butter and bread. Very carefully, he implied to me that if I can get him some European stamps or envelopes, he would give the translation part to me. So here I am, asking for any Cow Eaters, if any one of you can help me getting the job. I will pay for any expenses. Or some of you might prefer in game golds?
Anyway, my boss demands that it must looks like the stamps and envelopes are from his friend (=me)in Europe, so this is how it works:
1. you receive 2 pictures of me, and a piece of paper with the words I wrote for the boss, and a piece of papering indicating the address in chinese.
2. you send the letter from any country in Europe, through air/sea to my boss.
3. he opens the letter, throws my pictures away and shows off the stamps to his friends.
4. i get the job and you get rewards.
I don't know if it's still popular to send mails these days and i don't know how hard it is. Plz if any of you have any ideas, plz plz share with me.
I will owe you so much if you can help me with this. This is my email address:
You can also reply here or PM me.
Thanks a million in advance!

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Male Location : 99% Suzhou and 1% Germany

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Server: MaDuoLan - 马多兰, Menethil-米奈希爾-TW
Name: Juliask-Zobun
Guild: Cow Eaters

  Sat 21 Aug 2010 - 0:14  #
Hi lee u should ASK me earlier i had plenty of European Stampes from
The post i recieve. I am now in Germany so i can help you out, but does ur Boss Needs the Letter beim send or just the stamps? I can buh them Straight Away from the post office if you don't need the Sendung stamp on it!

Just send me a Email and we can Talk further

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Male Age : 55
Location : Shanghai

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Server: MaDuoLan
Name: GreenMoon

  Sat 21 Aug 2010 - 6:14  #
Hi Lee,

I will be in France the week from 13th to 19th of September, if you can wait until that date I can manage to send some too Smile

Posts : 175
Joined : 2008-05-20

  Sat 21 Aug 2010 - 17:42  #
Thank you GM and Juliask.
I've sent mails to both of you. Plz check it.
I will owe both of you so much if I can get this job.
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Lee asking for a favor. About European stamps

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