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For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 Players on Demon Soul / 惡魔之魂

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Joined : 2010-11-09

  Tue 9 Nov 2010 - 15:18  #
Hey guys,

I've been playing on Demon Soul for a while now, and had lots of trouble finding people who speak English (only found one other person, but he seemed reluctant on letting me in his guild because they usually speak Chinese). As a result I've been guildless for a long time.

Anyway, I'm on this server because all of my friends here in the States play Taiwan WoW, and they're pretty established players. The problem is I'm the only one in my group of friends who can't speak Mandarin. I can't follow them on raids because I can't understand the raid leader, and I've only been PvPing with them.

My other friends who can't speak chinese are thinking about coming over, and one of them currently has a 74 DK here waiting for me to form a guild. We used to be in a guild that runs low-level Raids and it used to be very fun. Anyway, I want to start a guild so we can all play again.

If any of you are wondering what servers to join, please consider coming over here, because we're really missing the old times, when guildies got along well and actually had fun.

whisper Decayy or Kosmos if you ever come on!


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  Wed 10 Nov 2010 - 5:35  #
Maybe the 2 of you could join one of the other servers with more foreigners such as maduolan or bronzebeard?


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  Wed 10 Nov 2010 - 10:35  #
not sure now, but from what I understand from your post, is that you are playing on a TW server, right?
if so, you all could transfer to Stormscale (雷鱗), there is a foreign guild there.
check this thread for infos:

if I assumed wrong, and you are playing Chinese WOW, you could have a look at the guilds mentioned in this up to date thread:

As mentioned in another thread, with the upcoming patch of 3.3.5 you should be able to transfer (paid transfer), so you all could transfer to an existing guild, when the patch comes out.

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  Thu 11 Nov 2010 - 4:51  #
The Chinese characters are Traditional, so it's gotta be Taiwan.
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Players on Demon Soul / 惡魔之魂

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