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For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 Considering Massive Return

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Joined : 2011-06-30
Male Location : Guangxi

Character in WOW

  Thu 30 Jun 2011 - 10:47  #
Hello Everyone

I am glad to see this forum and hope it will help me.

This post will be rather long so I apologize in advance and thank in advance all those you read it.

I am currently living in Guangxi (am an American guy) and condisdering getting back into Wow after 2 years off. I made 3 80s in the states and still have 2 (1 got hacked and deleted).

Is it true that if I decide to start again I am unable to use these toons and must start back at absolute strach?

If I do start back from absolute strach I want to know if additional apps. like Quest Helper work in china and where to get them. Also what voice software is popular for using in raids.

As I said I am in Guangxi and am curious if it is better to join a gulid in Guangzhou or Sichuan in terms of lag. Or if joining a Beijing sever is the same. Beijing seems to be the most active.

I consider myself a expierenced player, but if I join back in playing Wow I will only be free to play 20 hours a week tops. (In college 40 hours was a light week).

I heard the recurit a friend feature is working in China, if this is so I assume the double exp is in effect for the first week while playing together. If this is all true and I join in I would be EXTREMELY interested in powerleving with someone.

Thanks for your attention, I hope we can bring great glory to the Horde or Alliance (depending on how your perogative).

signed Miaotiao JiangJun ( miantiao is noodels, JiangJun is General as in the military rank)

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Character in WOW
Server: 奥特兰克-CN1(PVP)
Name: Avanti
Guild: The Crazy Waiguorens

  Thu 30 Jun 2011 - 12:18  #
Hey There,

Long post but i made it Smile

1. Yes its true you cannot transfer toons between us / eu / ch.
2. All addons you can use for US (download from curse) can also be used in China. You can use the same client (modified) as the one you use in US.

3. At the moment there is a big move going on in Area 1 (guangdong and Shanghai) this is the most active area of now and you are sure willing to come and try your connection.

If it is to laggy there are few things you can use to improve your connection such as a vpn like 27net the costs would be:

27rmb 1 month
48rmb 2 months
66rmb 3 months
99rmb 5 months

or the Leatrix plug in (free):

4. Recruit a friend is active in China and I happen to want to start lvling a new toon as soon as cata comes out also because the first part lvl 1-60 is completely revised and the exta xp wont do any bad so im up for that Smile

5. Glory to the HORDE !!!


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Joined : 2011-06-11
Age : 32
Location : shanghai, jin shan, shuhia

Character in WOW
Server: alterac
Name: Berilac
Guild: crazy waigorens

  Thu 30 Jun 2011 - 12:43  #
Recruit a freind is 90 days linked accounts. if you group with the linked account both characters must be within 10 levels of each other t ogain the 3x xp bonus. This works up to lv 60

Also for the linked account you can grant 1 level every 2 levels to your original account ( ie the account that recruited the freind) so if you get 2 accounts nad 2 lv 60 chars you can grant 30 levels per char and get a instant lv 60 =)

Posts : 47
Joined : 2011-06-30
Male Location : Guangxi

Character in WOW

  Thu 30 Jun 2011 - 12:58  #
90 days and 3x xp .....better than I remembered.

Thanks for the info.....gutted about not being about to use my American toons.

I will look into getting started. I just started a new business job so I want to be sure of my schedule for leveling and raiding. A real business job isn't as fexible as a foriegn teacher job.

and I have to see what kind of gf aggro I may pull

I hope we can do that together and not have to eat up to much undeeded time.

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Considering Massive Return

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