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 Impressions of Cataclysm

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Character in WOW
Server: 奥特兰克
Name: Irrelevance
Guild: The Crazy Waiguorens

  Sun 24 Jul 2011 - 14:13  #
Well, how's everyone liking Cataclysm so far?

I think the challenges of mana management for healers, the larger health pools, new skills, and new zones are all pretty challenging/satisfactory. Not an awfully big fan of how 10mans seem to be harder than 5mans though! Not an awfully big fan of how 10mans seem to be EASIER than 5mans.

[edit]: Definitely meant for that to be the other way around.

What're *your* impressions of Cataclysm? farao

[double edit]: I'm not Irrelephant from your guild.

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Name: Sandre
Guild: TCW

  Sun 24 Jul 2011 - 16:16  #
irrelevance wrote:
Well, how's everyone liking Cataclysm so far?

I think the challenges of mana management for healers, the larger health pools, new skills, and new zones are all pretty challenging/satisfactory. Not an awfully big fan of how 10mans seem to be harder than 5mans though!

What're *your* impressions of Cataclysm? farao

Hey Irre. Haven't seen you on your mage/druid back on Alterac for awhile.

Personally, I'm satisfied with this expansion despite all the whining and protests from various players after release. The spark has been brought back. Gear wise, it is great as well. Your reward is actually proportionate to the effort you put into grinding for it. It's not like Wotlk; Farm dungeons with the LFG tool, do the dailies for triumphs and get geared in T9 in less than a week. That's good, except you get players with not much experience or no experience at all.

What's really awesome is the changes to dungeons. You actually get to immerse yourself in the place's lore, which is highly interesting considering we're past the whole "Darth Vader" phase in wotlk, and get to see how awesome the work Blizzard has done. Again, not like in Wotlk; you don't even have time to see the name of the mob you're fighting because the tank has already pulled half the instance. DPS could do whatever they wanted, healers could random spam and tanks mindlessly hold aggro. Talk about awesome teamwork and teamspirit.

Glad that's gone. You actually need team coordination and for it to cooperate. CC mob 1 & 2 because they are healers, making it easier on the healer. It may be harder and longer, but at the end, when you get your heroic version level 359 gear, you'll easily think that it was an awesome run.

But the awesome always comes with the un-awesome. Ness. Here's what happens:
Tons of people still think the dungeons even in normal are faceroll, which they are if you know what you're doing, but rushing in and pulling pack 1 can easily lead to death. For example the other day, we had a Heroic Stonecore run. Mobs there hit like trucks, have tons of annoying AoE. We tried to make him, the tank, understand that there was a way to trick ranged mobs (hide behind a corner. Out of LoS) but no. He stays there and goes, "?????" while we watch him die as he pulls by mistake another pack not so far away. /rant

But overall an awesome expansion. My questing path was Mount Hyjal->Vash'jir, which you have to try out->Uldum, probably the funniest zone in all of them. Oh btw, for all you prot paladins out there: stacking stamina is bad bad bad Razz Mastery is our imba state!

EDIT: the bolded part is sarcasm? Haven't been to 10 mans yet but I'm pretty that's normal rabbit . Or maybe you meant it the other way around and I read that wrong? Or maybe it's Irrelevant?

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Server: MaDuoLan - 马多兰, Menethil-米奈希爾-TW
Name: Juliask-Zobun
Guild: Cow Eaters

  Sun 24 Jul 2011 - 17:18  #
Been there before like other players cata is pretty cool but since I amthe casual guy I like the new content and going back to the vanilla style of talents. Demo locks rock again in pvp and lvl pve never had so much fun by pulling 15mobs and just demo them to death! One point I dont like as on all expansions is the cloth to whatever drop ratio:)

So the only thing missing on cata china is to have an announce date for 4.2!!!!

And yes luckily the Arena season starts on the26th, which on theother hands mean propably anew patch and a new workaround + 4.2 will be still far away.

And yes non heroics can be very fast!!! With demo locks !!! Just pull them I aoe the shit out of whatever stands close to me. Muhahahahahaha!!!!

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Server: region 4 澳得兰克
Name: Gruumsh
Guild: Crazy WaiGuoRens

  Sun 24 Jul 2011 - 19:12  #
Ok 1st: Graphically compared to Vanilla wow the zones are eye sex candy! If you remember leveling through the Barrens and the Desolace then you know what i am talking about...

2nd: New talent trees and stat changes are re-freshening. New play styles and Mastery make it more challenging and fun.

C: while some would say a 5 lvl expansion is a money grab i think it has made the game far less of a grind... EVEN with 85 gear disparity. Worth the time spent not just for the 5 lvls but the variety of content now available. Dungeons Raids and PVP are all laid out better,, Professions and secondaries are still cool. Guild LVLS!!! all great within the 5lvl expansion!

Quatro:::: You guys... you will make Cata great because you will be there... i am a big softie of an Orc i know, but it is true! without this group chugging along i dont think Cata would be half as fun... /TRAIN!!!!

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Character in WOW
Server: CN1
Name: BloodRaine/ (hub)Soloman
Guild: Crazy Weiguorens

  Tue 26 Jul 2011 - 6:50  #
stItCh wrote:
One point I dont like as on all expansions is the cloth to whatever drop ratio:)

I have to admit this point as well, and it applies for quest rewards as well. This becomes a problem for healers who have less than stellar gear starting out while having to work out mana issues. (at least for me- I see a lot of downtime)

Another thing that is a bit bothersome is the lack of alchemy recipes...only 3 are not available through a trainer which means profits from selling pots are just about the mats. Of the 3 that you get through a recipe, 2 are vendored and only available after a guild achievement and the other is only available through Archeology at 525..but it's a BOP mount that will cost over 50,000G to make.

I do like the new content and dungeons, it's not only more fun to play but also gets a team more involved, making pugs less than desirable since there is no way to retrain them out of their old play styles.

I did find it kind of funny that we were only expected to gain 5 levels- it wasn't enough to give us time to explore the world like I would have liked as well.

****Just a quick side note to all- healers cannot heal around things anymore- so if we can't see you then we can't heal you****
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Impressions of Cataclysm

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