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 Blackwing Decent 10man - Magmaw

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Scarlet MonkScarlet Monk

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  Wed 3 Aug 2011 - 7:35  #
Our first guild run is fast approaching. To make things easier have a quick read about what to expect. (This is a condensed list of the many large tactical guides on several sites. Feel free to read further into it if you wish)


One of the first two bosses in BWD.

Standard - Two tanks, two healers, dps

IMPORTANT - at least one melee MUST be near the boss. If Magmaw can't reach someone for an attack it will enrage.

Boss Phase One

Pillar of Flame - Raiders get a 4 second warning - otherwise massive knockback and damage. This also brings Lava Parasites.
Pay attention to raid warning and get out of the way

Lava Parasites - Applies a debuff and after 10 seconds you'll vomit and more parasites will start looking for new hosts.
Avoid these. Ranged shoule kite them and kill them asap. Do not, repeat DO NOT touch them.

Mangle - the boss eats the tank....yes...eats the tank.
When the tank is eaten the other tank should step in

Lava Spew - A stream of lava 14-17k damage every two seconds for 6 seconds
Watch for stream and get out of the way

Boss Phase Two
Magmaw will fall forward. At this point TWO dps should jump on the boss (use the spikes) and use the chains to impale him on the spikes. This will make the boss more vulnerable. Dps should blow all cool downs.

How to use chains:
Click on the boss, use ability 1 in the new action bar, target a spike (new aoe cursor) BOTH chains need to be activated withing 3-5 seconds of each other otherwise Magmaw will break free.

Short List:
Tanks switch when one is eaten
Avoid fire pillar, fire stream and parasites
Kite and kill parasites
Spread out
Two dps jump on boss and use chains to impale in phase two
Save your large dps abilities for phases two
Healers watch for large spikes in damage especially when the tank is eaten

When you see mist on one side of the room, run to the other
All raiders (except the 2 tanks and 1 ranged) stay close together right in front of the boss
Moving to the other side of the room or boss falling on spikes will force players out of the group. When boss stands back up again RETURN to that position

Want more detail?

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  Wed 3 Aug 2011 - 9:40  #
Just a note. When Magmaw falls down on phase 2 towards the tank, don't stay under him. Else you will be affected by Massive Crash.

This is the easiest one in BlackwingD.

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  Tue 9 Aug 2011 - 6:48  #
Looks like a funny Boss isn't it ?

Posts : 1480
Joined : 2009-02-26
Male Location : London

Character in WOW
Server: 奥特兰克 - CN1(PVP)
Name: Sandre
Guild: TCW

  Tue 9 Aug 2011 - 7:24  #
pouetp0u wrote:
Looks like a funny Boss isn't it ?


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Blackwing Decent 10man - Magmaw

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