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For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 Raiding Info and Rules

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Scarlet MonkScarlet Monk

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  Mon 8 Aug 2011 - 20:32  #
Some pretty straight forward rules:
1. Be on time - Invites go out at 9:00pm. Raiding starts at 9:30pm
2. Have YY installed - check out forum link to get it
3. Know the fight - we are busy people with kids and jobs, let's not waste time explaining the raid several times. Look up the boss either on our dedicated forum post or in wowhead
4. Be prepared - have an appropriate level of gear (average ilvl 346), be gemmed and enchanted (if you need help ask a fellow guild members)
5. Have your water, food and flasks ready (in real life too lol)
6. Wiping is a part of raiding - expect it and relax
7. If you can't make it - no problem Smile We would appreciate if you let us know so we can set up groups
8. If there are not enough people - so be it
9. If there are too many - we will do our best to save a spot for you in the next raid
10. Raiding is non committal - there is no pressure to join one. If you would like to join please sign up in the guild calendar
11. Have fun!


1. No whining, complain or drama!
2. In the beginning everyone will need upgrades, if you don't get it there is always another time.
3. Need roll for your primary spec that raid
4. Don't be greedy, if someone needs it more than you, be kind

Loot Distribution
- One person will be MASTER LOOTER
- When the loot drops it will be linked in raid chat and players will be told to ROLL
- /roll (100) if you NEED it -- the highest roll wins
- Raid leaders please take note of who gets what to ensure fairness in future raids
- Please keep raid chat clear when loot is being rolled for
- Major disputes will be settled by an Officer or Raid Leader (but I hope there will be no issues)

In the end they are just pixels on a screen, our friendship with our fellow guild members is more important than any colored dots. Let us be mature, supportive and gracious if we don't get the drop. We have joined together so we can play with other English speakers, let's remember that when things get intense or stressful

* The rigid start times are not to rush people but rather in consideration for many members who have family and work. Please be on time.

If you wish to take a shot at being a raid leader one night, let an officer know

Raiding Info and Rules

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