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 GMT+8 guild LFM on Oceanic Realms

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Name: Tinaturna

  Sat 17 Sep 2011 - 21:16  #
Hello, I know many people here don't like me talking about Oceanic Realms etc, so posting here in case someone play on US realms (or want to come back to US realms). But our guild is looking for GMT+8 players. We are raiding guild doing PvP/fun activites besides raiding. All casual and PvP players have guild repairs, we also run weekly old tier full clears for casual players (Tier 11 currently) and classic raids for gear/fun/achievements/mounts.

Mainly people in guild are expats in South East Asia or from West Australia, with few late night aussie players from Eeast Australia.

Those who want harcore raiding we run Tier 12 heroics modes (FL2/7 heroic modes now, 7/13HM in Tier 11).

About connection:

I am currently in Shanghai and using China Unicom FTTH connection, my latency in game is 150-170ms, when using tunnel (such as LowerPing, WTFast and etc) my latency drop to 120-130ms, wich allows to enjoy high end PvE and PvP on English speaking realms. But anything bellow 230-250ms is playable to be honest.

How to get in touch:

We are on US realm Saurfang (Reckoning-US BG, realm for Oceanic players - time set to GMT+10). More info at:

My main toon - Tinaturna, contact for guild invite or send PM through our guild forums.

GMT+8 guild LFM on Oceanic Realms

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