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 need opinions on RL issue

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  Fri 4 Nov 2011 - 19:04  #
Ok, so heres the problem.

A guy i know, (lets call him bob hes also 29 yr old), i wouldnt call him a friend, more friend of my flatmate and other friends. We have our halloween party on the 28th at our flat and theres lots of people. I get a birthday cake for my flatmate which costs me 300 yuan. Cake gets put on table, candles blown and first piece cut, this guy takes a bit and puts its on my flatmates face. I head back to my room where im talking which my manager and his son about his english being better than his chinese teachers english(and how it must suck having to take that class)

A few minutes later most of the girls come into my room covered in cake so i go to investigate and the flat is covered in cake (floor,walls,sofa,tv, laptop) and they all start filling out the flat to go to the club. i speak to another friend who is a drunk who can keep in good control and he said it was bob that started all the mess.

I have spoken to a few of my other friends who know bob about being pissed off at him starting everything and they say they would talk to him.

Fast forward to tonight where its my flatmate, bob and 4 other people at the flat having a drink. Im in bed as im up at 6am(still up writing this because im pissed off and wanting otherse opinions) and they find a smoke cake we bought for halloween but forgot about. well who knew that it was to be used in a wide open space, 10 seconds into the cake smoking we cant see past 3 feet and choking on smoke. Someone puts half of the cake right outside my door so my room is full of the stuff in 30 seconds (theres still smoke in the room =( )

anyway i go out to help get rid of the smoke and i comment " it better not have been bob that put the cake outside my door as hes already on strike 1"

The argument goes as follows

bob "what do you mean strike 1?"
me " you know fine well about the cake"
bob " no i dont know what you'r talking about"
me " you made a mess of the living room with throwing the cake about"
bob " i didnt make the mess it was amanda"
me " i watched you start it and everyone else has told me it was you that started it"
me " but it wasnt me who made the mess, it was amanda"
me " you know what manada is like, shes crazy when people pick on her, she wouldnt have thrown cake about if you didnt start it"
bob "you dont know that for sure"
me " i know pretty damn well it wouldnt of happened, your the one that loses control when drunk, you wont even apologize for starting everything"
bob " i shouldnt have to apologize for it"
me " if you wanted to have a food fight i could ahve bought ltos of cheap cakes to throw thats not the problem, the problem is you started a food fight with a expensive cake i bough for daniels birthday considering he hasnt has a cake for 3 years!"
bob " so you want me to give you money for the cake is that it?
me " it would be nice, noone else has given me any money for the cake that i bought for people to eat not throw about"
bob" well im not giving you any money for the cake so what are you going to do about it"

and then it goes on to me teling him hes not welcome in the house and asking my flatmate to respect my decision

Its not so much the cake throwing that pisses me off its the fact he wont apologize for starting it, im going to talk to the girl who he says threw the cake about but he wont even say " sorry, i started it, even if i didnt mean for a cake fight to happen it was still me that started it" or even a text the next morning " sorry for the cake" that would have been fine

Also as soon as i heard him say " what are you going to do about it" i knew he knows hes in the wrong. The fact someone can say that just gives him a stench of pettyness

another person is trying to get me to let him off because bob was drunk but i dont give anyone exceptions for the actions they do sober or drunk and i dont see why drunk people should get any exceptions.

one guy said bob wont apologize because im only blaming him for the cake, which is true atm because up to tongiht i thought it was all him but ill be getting this girl to talk to me tomorrow

Whats your opinion guys, am i in the right to stop him from coming to the flat?

P.S heres some pictures of the smoke

and me as a zombie.....


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  Fri 4 Nov 2011 - 19:24  #
Lol. Indeed it sucks when the dudes around you are too childish.

Stop buying cakes? (sorry it's late and I'm about to go sleep, will think more during my sleep)

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  Sat 5 Nov 2011 - 17:45  #
Get him drunk again. Put him in a cab and send him to Pudong Airport.

Problem solved.

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  Thu 10 Nov 2011 - 8:28  #
I would kick his lily ass out of the flat too. And setting off a smoke in the room?? O.O AWESOME i want that ahahahahahah. Don't worry about it, you wont see him again probably. People who are overly cocky just isnt worth the time =/

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Name: Brie

  Fri 11 Nov 2011 - 19:05  #
Seriously, this is a POS you should avoid.
Lighting a smoke brick inside...

I've been through my share of military and frat problems and "Bob" has the classic signs of growing problem. Most people, even if a drunk ass, will say something when confronted like:

Yeah I started it, but damn, she made the real mess. Sorry, but dont blame me for the whole thing.

Instead of "I shouldnt have to apologize for it."
They have a really good idea what they did and just dont care.

I say, removal.
Afterall a trip to the back side of the hangar isnt an option, or is it?
Some people just arent worth the time investment, that's why I lived alone, until I got married.

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  Sun 27 Nov 2011 - 1:27  #
I just wonder why you kept letting that kind of guy coming to "YOUR" flat?!
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need opinions on RL issue

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