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 A Timeline of TCW

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Server: 奥特兰克 - CN1(PVP)
Name: Sandre
Guild: TCW

  Sun 22 Jan 2012 - 12:21  #
By Malice

History of TCW

Guild formed by Sainan - approximately 6 members

Guild breaks into two groups (hard core vs relaxed)
Hard cores leave

Sainan's wife's account hacked
Twisted becomes guild leader
Mytank joins

Malice becomes guild leader
Remaining members stay in guild while playing with Chinese community
Arrew/Abbadon joins
Meets TD - Thedemon
Meets 886 - Eighty six
Malice and Gruumsh forced to leave China for 6 months due to Olympics and visas

Continues playing in small guild with a few members joining and leaving

Debate whether or not do disband

Recruitment ad posted on forum by Mytank
Members from Bronzebeard's 朝九晚五 and Maduolan's Cow Eaters make the final decision and take a leap of faith.

400+ characters
150+ accounts
Regular raids, rated battlegrounds, monthly events etc

Thank you to everyone who has contributed over the year to make TCW what it is today.

Total: It took us 6 years to gather everyone on one server.

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  Wed 25 Jan 2012 - 17:59  #
Urubaen wrote:
Guild breaks into two groups (hard core vs relaxed)
Hard cores leave

So where are these hard cores now?
Scarlet MonkScarlet Monk

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Server: Alterac Valley 奥特兰克, CN 1.
Name: Malice
Guild: Crazy Waiguorens

  Wed 25 Jan 2012 - 19:11  #
Some here, some there, some gone Razz

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Name: Smallearth
Guild: The Crazy waiguorens

  Wed 25 Jan 2012 - 21:26  #
Same happened in maduolan, I remember when I joined Cow eaters in 2007 I was invited into a guild and was the only one online for like 2 weeks, with the exception of one guy who gave me some gold one day.

Then suddenly i get told there was another "more hardcore" guild on the server lol, was full of people. I remember I was pissed caus my hunter was level 50 and they told me they had too much hunters and if I wanted to raid with them I had to roll something else Shocked

Well years later, and after seeing a lot of drama around me, all I can say is that if some people wanna be hardcore(5-6 raiding nights a week) they better think about their own hide and join a Chinese guild. That's what most ended up doing back then.

But the current TCW is really the hottest expat guild I've ever seen since I started on the chinese servers. PVE, PVP, special events (kudos to malice for coming up with ideas and organizing those things), over 100 lv 85 and still counting.

When you log on a realm type "/join english" to get in touch with the community members.
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  Wed 25 Jan 2012 - 22:29  #
*bows down to malice*

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Joined : 2009-02-26
Male Location : London

Character in WOW
Server: 奥特兰克 - CN1(PVP)
Name: Sandre
Guild: TCW

  Thu 26 Jan 2012 - 9:26  #
TCW is the biggest foreign guild in China cheers !
I think Mytank should add this in his recruitment post, bold it, and write it in size 24 Wink

Thanks to Mytank for his recruitment post, for Bolomas who convinced all of us, for Jason and Beri for bringing the Cow Eaters.

And thanks to all the Chinese players we met during our 6 year journey. Malice mentioned TD and 886, I'll mention:

BBBDZ, BBBMS, BBBLR, 小小白菜 and all the other members of 朝九晚五.

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  Fri 27 Jan 2012 - 16:08  #
And then came Samish... Twisted Evil

Samish king
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A Timeline of TCW

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