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 Several technical questions about TW

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  Fri 1 Jun 2012 - 9:46  #
I live in China Mainland, but as I do not have the access to any Chinese ID, I have recently attached the trial version of TW wow to my EU Bnet account.

1. I used this forum recomendation about the changing of realmlist and it runs fine. However, what do I have to put in set patchlist line? TW or my native server (now I have My concern is if in Russia the game is patched prior to TW, I will be unable to play on TW server...and vice versa. So, how should I better do if I do not need to play on Russian server?
A. Do I have to change this string to TW patch server (if yes, than what is its name?) or
B. Do I keep the Russian update server, but if the patch is earlier than in TW, I just change wow.exe and launcher.exe to the prepatched versions?

2. I have the account at Taobao and can buy TW cards. However recently some strange things happened. Cards dissapeared from the web-site which is linked from the battlenet ( They say, they have stopped selling cards. Some selleres st Taobao also disappered. The rest started to ask for ID to buy a card. Anyone heard of any changes in TW WOW payment methods?


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  Fri 1 Jun 2012 - 12:18  #
set patchlist

Recently a lot of people couldn't get hold of boxed sets of Diablo III so they buy it online with wow battlenet points.

Even 7-11 has no stock, so something is going on to stop people purchasing the digital versions this way.

Maybe theres an exploit to generate mycard keys and by stopping selling anymore they will catch new exploiters

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Joined : 2011-03-11

  Fri 1 Jun 2012 - 12:33  #
Thank you, Bazza. That explains the issue.
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Several technical questions about TW

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