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For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 WoW and Gaming in general in China, +a little bit about me

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  Thu 6 Jun 2013 - 11:07  #
Hey guys, ive been browsing the forum and have to say im impressed and a little surprised by the foreign WoW community here in china. Im currently a student here in Suzhou, about 80km from shanghai, and am ready to buy a sweet gaming rig for when im back in china after the summer but wanted to ask you guys some questions about WoW and gaming in general in china.

1. What is gaming like here in china in terms of english support and latency? This question is directed mostly towards other games as i have seen WoW has great latency on chinese servers and a large foreign community but from your experience do other major titles such as Battlefield, Heroes of Newearth etc. feature english language packs and if not is there any overseas servers that are playable in terms of latency?

2. Ive been an on and off WoW player, and my favorite aspect being dedicated raiding. Are there dedicated raiding communities amongst the crazy waiguorens?

3. How has been playing WoW in your home countries been? Im headed back for the summer in about two weeks and want to pick up the game before i head home so i can start leveling, are there latency issues? (I live in Iceland which has some of the best internet in europe)

4. What do you guys think of the chinese community on the internet? Personally, im very excited to practice my chinese and am going to make the most of it.

5. Is there anyone who would like to send me a recruite a friend invite (if that exists in chinese WoW)? You can P.M. me and i will give you my email Smile

I will be look forward to getting to know you guys in the future Wink

P.S. My name is not Walla as my forum names suggests, its how my name is pronounced here. It is actually Valur, and im 20years old
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  Thu 6 Jun 2013 - 15:16  #
Hi Valur,

Those are some great questions to ask. Can't say I can answer them all fully, but I hope I can answer some of them!

1. There isn't really any English support for playing games in China unless you visit the game's EU or US support page (assuming it exists). The latency issue is a tough one to answer as it really depends on your internet connection in China, where the server is, and whether or not you're willing to play using a VPN.

2. We definitely have a dedicated raiding community in The Crazy Waiguorens. We run two 10-man groups every week and are going to try out a 25-man group soon to see how it goes. One of the groups is currently 2/12H in Throne of Thunder and the other has just recently started ToT raiding.

3. If you're planning on raiding, the lag is probably going to be too high to play abroad unless you use a VPN. Especially considering Iceland is almost on the other side of the world. Smile

4. The Chinese internet community is huge, and like the rest of the world, includes some fantastic people and some utter bastards. Smile Playing WoW in China will definitely give you plenty of exposure to written Chinese, but it's sometimes tough to play well when you're too busy trying to figure out what people are saying. Still, there is opportunity if you want it.

5. Recruit a friend definitely exists in China, and there was a post a couple of days ago from a new person asking for the same thing. Maybe you two should talk? The forum post is

Hope to see you in game sometime!


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  Thu 6 Jun 2013 - 17:26  #
Thanks for the information Blackhorn, you definitely answered my question.

Me and my roommate have a 20mb/s connection but ive never seen speeds anywhere close to that other than on bandwidth tests. I also have a paid VPN (Astrill) that works great for web browsing so based on your response i think i will be fine.

Im really looking forward to getting back into world of warcraft. Im almost a bit too eager i cant wait. Ill hopefully be ready to raid with you guys by the end of summer.

When i mentioned english support i ment are there english client that suppost chinese servers? Sorry if this wasnt clear. In your experience are there games out there that let you connect to asia pacific servers? From what i have gathered theres very few gaming servers to play on out there (with playable latencies) due to all the restrictions here that force you to connect to foreign servers.

What games do you guys play?

Also, i saw somewhere that there is no buy-in for wow, i.e. there is no initial purchase of the game + expansion only the hours to play. Is this true?


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  Thu 6 Jun 2013 - 20:56  #
Hello Walla109.

To answer your questions:

Walla109 wrote:
are there english client that suppost chinese servers?

Yes there are. Please check our guides at:

Walla109 wrote:
there is no initial purchase of the game + expansion only the hours to play. Is this true?

Yes. You only need to buy game time. The game can be downloaded for free at
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WoW and Gaming in general in China, +a little bit about me

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