Foreign community at Chinese World of Warcraft

For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 Why hello!

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  Mon 17 Jun 2013 - 22:15  #
Hey i'm Amedeo from Italy i played wow since vanilla in Europe and i just recently(4 months) moved to Shanghai to study some chinese : )

As the european servers look pretty unplayable as what concerns lag i'd love to give the chinese servers a try to have some fun and maybe learn a little too and you guys seem to provide exactly the kind of enviroment i am looking for !

As what concerns my gaming preferences i was always more of a pvper, started arena since season 1, experience is 2250 as dk(s6/Cool 2350 as hunter(s8) 2650 as resto shaman(s8) and gladiator as lock (s10 shadowplay).

I've raided up to server firsts on several occasions too but i've always grown tired of it shortly after and now i definetely aim to a more casual approach so that is off my mind.

So apart from my brief introduction i wished to ask for a big favour, finding out the need of a chinese i dont currently have one available, is there any way around it/ anyone has 1 to share Very Happy

Thanks in advance and again ni hao, nice to meet you!
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  Tue 18 Jun 2013 - 15:10  #
Welcome, Amedeo,

We have a pretty awesome group of PVPers in the guild (although I'm not really much of a PVP player due to lack of time), so you should be able to find things to do easily, whether it is rated battlegrounds, Arena or just randomly killing alliance. 

As to getting the ID, most of us simply ask the Ayi (Maid), a friend, or acquaintance if we can use theirs. Sometimes they can at least point you to someone who does have one available.

Hope you manage to join us soon.


Why hello!

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