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 Possible Throne of Thunder Heroic strategies + heroic info

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Bloodscalp TrollBloodscalp Troll

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Joined : 2010-09-08
Male Location : Shanghai

Character in WOW
Server: Alterac澳得兰克 / Arygos亚雷戈斯
Name: Blackhorn, Scribbler, Whitehorn
Guild: Crazy Waiguorens

  Thu 11 Jul 2013 - 8:11  #
As you can see below, my work has been quiet, so I put together some basic strategies for the heroic fights for consideration. It mainly focuses on the differences from normal mode. I'll put up the last 7 fights when I finally finish adding the wowhead links. Let me know if there are any areas which could use further work.

Healer = angel 
Tank = scratch 

Jin’rokh the Breaker Heroic

At full health, run out of pool, use damage reduction cooldown and dispel
Using immunities prior to debuff cast will mean no debuff. Using your immunity after debuff cast will dispel it

Lightning Storm
Lightning crashes spawn 4 lightning balls which should be avoided. Everyone avoids lightning balls (passive movement speed buff excellent), self heals, healthstones, angel healers use cooldown.

Horridon Heroic

Focus down adds
Door 1 : Dinomancer > Wastewalker > Stonegazer > Skirmisher | angel Dispel Blazing Sunlight asap.
Door 2 : Dinomancer > Venomous Effusion > Venom Priest > Bloodlord | interruptVenom Bolt Volley asap.
Door 3 : Dinomancer > Warriors > Champion > Frozen Warlords | angel dispel Deadly Plague on cooldown.
Door 4 :   Dinomancer > Flame Caster > Warbear/Beast Shaman > Protector | angel dispel Hex of Confusion asap, only allow one shaman to be active at one time..

MUST avoid sand traps, poison clouds, frozen bolts, lightning totems.

War God Jalak
angel Take care for when Bestial Cry lines up with Dire Call

Direhorn Spirit
Set up macro to target and hit pink dinosaur from range.

angel Dire Call
Set up with Spirit Shell if possible. AoE heal raid (mushrooms ideal), watch out for heavier add tank damage

Council Heroic

Knock 25% health of each boss before they reach 100 energy
Kill Sul the Sandcrawler before he empowers

Soul Fragment
Pass Shadowed Soul at 5 stacks, then 10 stacks. Avoid tanks until Malakk is dead

Malakk:  Stack 3 ppl for angel Frostbite (Cannot soak after 8 seconds due to Body Heat, so need to switch soakers)

Kazra’jin:       angel  DPS reflected to entire raid, so stop DPS if low health. Switch to blessed loa spirit when spawned to give healers a breather.

Mar’li:    Spawns 2 linked Shadowed Loa Spirits that move toward each other. One ranged dps goes to max range before adds spawn. Slow, stun and dps 2 adds. Kill both at same time.

Tortos Heroic

Humming Crystal

Target and hit Humming Crystals to acquire Crystal Shell shield at 80%+ health

angel Healers keep shields topped up at 75% for all raiders, especially tanks

Quake Stomp
MUST have full shield for every quake stomp
MUST use damage reduction cooldown every quake stomp

Whirl Turtles
For ranged to slow, and focus down
Kick at boss/turtles/bats to give Shell Concussion debuff

Vampire Cave Bats
Option 1: Kite with DK/Monk (use misdirection to shift aggro to kiter)
Option 2:scratch Tank near boss and burn down asap. angel Keep tank above 550k health

Megaera Heroic

NEVER kill green head
ALWAYS leave Icy Ground in same place (use warlock portal)
Cinders now places void zone every 3 seconds

Arcane Head
Casts Nether Tear which summons Nether Wyrms which dmg (Nether Spike) and stun (Suppression) random raid members
Interrupt adds where possible
angel Dispel any stuns
DPS them down when each head dies (when heads are not attackable)

Ji-kun Heroic

Nest Guardians
scratch Need to be tanked facing away from raid members (Nest 2, 4, 8, 10, 12)

angel Assign healer cooldown for each one (Nest 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12)

Talon Rake
scratch angel Extremely deadly for tank. Tank must use cooldown and be healed to full health asap!

Daedelian Wings only has 3 charges[/b][/b]
Bloodscalp TrollBloodscalp Troll

Posts : 355
Joined : 2010-09-08
Male Location : Shanghai

Character in WOW
Server: Alterac澳得兰克 / Arygos亚雷戈斯
Name: Blackhorn, Scribbler, Whitehorn
Guild: Crazy Waiguorens

  Fri 12 Jul 2013 - 9:15  #
Here is part 2: bosses 7-12. Only Raden left

Durumu Heroic

Dark Parasite (DoT)
angel DoT deals increasing damage to affected player
Can remove using immunities
Heal as long as possible as dispel means adds (Wandering Eye) will spawn every 3 seconds remaining on Dark Plague debuff
Take care when dpsing Wandering Eye as angel dmg taken is mirrored onto fixated target.

Ice Wall
Appear before each colourblind phase and disintegration beam phase
Must be destroyed asap
AoE is more efficient than single target

Amber Fog
Kill asap if revealed to avoid wipe (Yellow Beam keeps moving)
angel Heal through dmg to players in yellow cone (Amber Retaliation) when add loses each 10% health

Primordius Heroic

4 mutations active at once

Viscous Horror
scratch Cannot come within 10 yards of Primordius due to Deadly Mutagen
angel Black Blood dot debuff on tank (also increases tank damage to primordius)
scratch Tank switch between viscous horrors and boss.

Dark Animus Heroic

Boss starts with 52 anima

Anima Ring
scratch Now also applies fire damage DoT (remove only one for tank to escape)

Empower Golem
scratch Dark Animus heals golem for 3% and increases dmg by 24% for remaining fight (stacks)

Fill 3 broken large golems and both Massive Anima golems (within 2 minutes)
Burn boss asap

Iron Qon Heroic

Mounts leave fight at 25% health to return later

Phase 1 - angel  Ro’shak: Quet’zal is assisting by throwing Whirling Winds (avoidable) and casting Arcing Lightning (click to remove stun, spreads debuff) at random players
Phase 2 - Quet’zal: Dam’ren is assisting shooting Frost Spike at random players (avoidable)
Phase 3 - Dam’ren: Ro’shak is assisting by casting Unleashed flame (stack melee to take this)

When Dam’ren reaches 25%, all 3 mounts + Iron Qon fight together
Hold Dam’ren at 26-30%, wait for good deadzones, then bloodlust and use all dps cooldowns

Phase 4:angel01: 
Stack AFTER lightning debuff is cleared

Kill order
Dam’ren: Dead Zone (kill asap to avoid dead zones)
Ro’shak: Unleashed Flame (stack in groups of 3 in sequence as in phase 1);
Quet’zal: Arcing Lightning (click to remove stun, then remain spread out until debuff is gone);

Fist Smash
Starts after 2 mounts are dead
angel Use big healing cooldown for first, then leave further cooldowns for later smashes

Twin Consorts Heroic

Lurkers in the Night – hidden adds which damage random raid members
scratch During Tears of the Sun, drag Suen around edge of room to reveal adds.
Spread 8 yards
All ranged dps on Suen[/u] when she appears for Tears of the Sun, apply DoTs

angel Nuclear Inferno - 8 second channeled spell doing 100k/s fire damage. Stand in Icy shadows of Ice Comet (60% dmg reduction) and use healing cooldowns
Spread 8 yards, but stay near centre of room

Dusk Phase
scratch Move Lu’lin to side of room to reduce tidal force[/url] problems
angel Stack raid for Tidal Force to maximize healing
Focus on burning down Suen ASAP

Final Phase
Burn Lu’lin for the win

Celestial Buffs
1.         Chi-ji (Rush of Cranes)      At start of fight to catch Suen during first Tears of the Sun
2.         Xuen (Tiger’s Celerity)     In Phase 1 during to catch Tears of the Sun and do extra dps to Suen as well as avoid Cosmic Barrage damage.
3.         Niuzao (Fortitude of the Ox)         End of darkness phase to ease transition
4.         Yu’lon (Serpent’s Vitality)    To assist in healing a nuclear inferno in day phase
5.         Xuen (Tiger’s Celerity)       ASAP when available again! To slow first Tidal Force in dusk phase
6.         Yu’lon (Serpent’s Vitality)     ASAP after Xuen! To assist in healing nuclear inferno (or Tidal Force) during dusk phase
7.         Niuzao (Fortitude of the Ox)         ASAP after Yu’lon! For next Tidal Force/Nuclear Inferno in dusk phase
8.         Chi-ji (Rush of Cranes)       Anytime during dusk phase

Lei Shen Heroic

Helm of Command
Forces you off the platform at 180% speed and gives a DoT for 6 seconds Use speed boosts/blinks/warlock portal

Phase 1
Static Shock at highest level
Ranged stack for thunderstruck and run away to minimize damage

1st Transition
As usual
Pay attention to Helm of Command

Phase 2
Ensure only 3 ppl at range for ball lightning (ball lightning does AoE damage on moving.
Gorefiend’s Grasp (Ursol’s Vortex?) and stunball lightning until dead
Stack for Static Shock (continues to use this for the rest of the fight)
Maximise/level up Diffusion Chain

2nd Transition
All 4 abilities used + Helm of Command
Otherwise as usual

Phase 3
Stack for Static Shock (or use immunities if possible)
Spread for Diffusion Chain
Ranged stack at range for Thunderstruck
Only 3 players at ranged forball lightning [/url]
Gorefiend’s Grasp (Ursol’s Vortex) ball lightning and stun until dead

Posts : 566
Joined : 2007-06-27
Male Age : 35

Character in WOW
Server: region 4 澳得兰克
Name: Gruumsh
Guild: Crazy WaiGuoRens

  Sat 13 Jul 2013 - 19:19  #
awsome work, hope group 1 appreciates all the effort. If not, you are welcome in other non prime number groups at future dates!
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Possible Throne of Thunder Heroic strategies + heroic info

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