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For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 Abbrevations - Acronyms - Glossary

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Server: 奥特兰克
Name: Zeph
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  Wed 19 Feb 2014 - 20:15  #
Alot of translations and glossary and places names in Chinese can be found here:


But I found that some of them are not for MoP and some are missing and sometimes its easier to have the most important ones on just one page. Feel free to add more I will edit it in but these are the ones I learned over the past few month which will help newbies to Cwow to understand whats going on.

BL = Bu Luo, Horde
LM = Lian Meng, Alliance

DK= DK, BDK= Blood DK,
SS= Warlock
MS= Priest AM= Shadow Priest, JLM= Disc Priest,
DZ/Z= Rogue
ZS= Warrior  ZST= Warrior Tank
QS= Paladin QST= Paladin Tank FQ= Pally Tank, CJQ= Ret Paladin, NQ= Holy Pally
XD= Druid XDT= Druid Tank, but never see them use that.. they generally just say 熊= Bear, 鸟德= Boomkin, 猫=Feral, ND = Resto Druid
FS= Mage  
SM= Shaman NS = Resto Shammy
LR= Hunter
WS= Monk WST= Monk Tank

AG = Ao Ge, "Orgrimmar" but more commonly for Siege of Orgrimmar
PTAG = Pu Tong Ao Ge, Normal difficulty SoO
Gxx= Gold Raid usually
Hxx= Heroic usually for example , HAG (Heroic SoO), HICC (Heroic Ice crown Citadel)
PJ= Ping Ji, Premade Battleground
KPJ= Kong PinPremade battleground to get empty bugged ones
HHY= Heroic Huo Yuan, Heroic Firelands
3H= 3man Heroic, Heroic Scenario
M= Whisper
NCH= Garrosh
ZC= Battleground
BB= Bao Bao, Hunter/DK/SS Pet
ZJB= Zhuan Jia Bao, Heirlooms
SX= Bloodlust/Heroism
ZF= Battle Res
SP= Shiping trinket
弹= Tanxing, flex
2=1/22=3 = The equal sign in Chinese is spelled DENG which means 2 wait for 1, or 22 wait for 3.

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Jason Leung 

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  Wed 26 Feb 2014 - 21:54  #
I want to contribute to this, hopefully this will help you guys knowing whats going on:
操 (cao), equivalent to "the f word", commonly used in CNM 操你妈
二比 (erbi), retard or moron, commonly used as "2B"
逗比 (doubi), same as above.
SB (shabi), i don't know the pinyin but it should be vagina or something.
鸡鸡 (jiji), penis. commonly used as "JJ" or sometimes JB.

*i edit this because the f word got censored*  Sad 

Posts : 17
Joined : 2013-11-21
Male Age : 31
Location : Alterac

Character in WOW
Server: 奥特兰克
Name: Zeph
Guild: The Crazy Waiguorens

  Wed 26 Feb 2014 - 23:56  #
Whats ur name in chinese?
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Abbrevations - Acronyms - Glossary

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