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 Profession troubles

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  Wed 25 Apr 2007 - 16:26  #
I'm currently playing a warlock, durid and hunter. they are all lvl 32 at the moment.

I got a friend doing leather working and tailoring.

my druid is engineering because I wanna pvp with him and my warlock is an alchemist. I'm not planning to play the hunter much since I just don't have enough time to play 3 class simultaneously. so I'll stick with warlock and druid.

Recently I found that alchemist for my warlock isn't that great and I always have to ask my friend to make cloth stuff for me; it makes me wonder if alchemist is really the best profession for the warlock. And high level tailoring is bind on pickup which my friend wouldn't be able to make for me.

I just wanna know what you guys think from your experience or educated guess/theory. should I drop alchemist and go for tailoring? or maybe another profession altogether? is the tailoring gears worth it in the end for me to drop alchemist(165) now?
Scarlet MonkScarlet Monk

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  Wed 25 Apr 2007 - 18:58  #
Tailoring + some farming profession. you have a pet, when mining/skinning/gathering you can send ur pet to do the dirty work and u r doing ur stuff, and when ur done drop some attack on the critter.

Potions don't sell so good, unless you make the flasks etc. which still has problem on selling. Besides what you need potions for? u got healthstone.
however tailoring is the other way around; not only you'll wear the eqp you make but it will get so much more improved later.

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  Thu 26 Apr 2007 - 0:53  #
I agree......but it still feel wasteful dropping alchemist now. but I'll probably do it anyway, I could keep herbalism and gather the weeds for my friend to make the potion I need(mats to make stuff). and do tailoring.

and on my server the potions that required to make stuff sell kindda good, but not as good at the savior deviate delights Very Happy 10G a stack.
less than 1hour for 2stack which yield 20G=mooncloth bag(4days to make) Very Happy
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  Thu 26 Apr 2007 - 10:15  #
high level tailoring isn't worth it. except if you have enchanting. Cause you make money with it. And bags!

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  Thu 26 Apr 2007 - 10:50  #
check TBC item sets... especially for all people who will NOT go into end-game 25-man raid instances, check the high level tailoring sets for casters...
they are very much on par with T4/5 sets, with the exception that they specialise in certain schools of magic and lack resistances (but no raids = no need for them).
high STa, so you won't get one-shotted and can have some pvp fun even.
they are VERY good. blizz improved high level tailoring a lot.

plus now you can do "embroideries" on certain item slots, which add stats, in the same way as enchants do, but they stack with enchants and gems, making it a VERY powerful profession for casters...

you never made money from tailoring.
bags? 1 mooncloth / 4 days? 20g per bag, 4g / day?
making money? kill a few mobs you have the 4g...


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  Thu 26 Apr 2007 - 16:18  #
yeah the frost shadow weave stuff are pretty good. probably gonna take up tailoring when the server is back up.

As a warlock I got 3 dots that are augmented by +shadow damage and 1 dot that augment by fire/magic. Most +magic gear have lower +damage than +pure damage(fire, frost, shadow) but got better stats.

so lets say I got like +300 shadow damage I can x3 on damage(+900) on dots, if I get +200 on magic damage I can x4 (+800). thus higher shadow is better Very Happy

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  Sat 28 Apr 2007 - 12:33  #
Tailoring is mendatory in TBC at 70 if you want to do something serious until you get T5 T6 or items on the same level.

before that crafted items are just too good.
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Profession troubles

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