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 WoW settings for a newbie :)

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  Mon 26 Jan 2015 - 3:47  #
Hello guyz,

newbie here Very Happy hello to everybody

I'm a Waiguoren and a very long time WoW player.
With the WotD I wanted to restart playing, and since I'm working here in Shanghai I need you to share some of your wisdom with me.
I need to play on EU servers (Well of Eternity in particular).
My questions are:

- Is it still doable? The are rumors running about China's internet restrictions getting tighter and tighter. (I suppose everyone has received that scary message from Astrill stating that "China doesn't want us here" Neutral )

- I have already subscribed to Astrill VPN for other purposes. Now I'm wondering, is it a good tool to play WoW too? Otherwise, I was about to try WTFast VPN (which seems to be specializzed in Online Gaming support) either of these two more worthy to play WoW? If not, do you know a decent VPN to play? Even a chinese one will do, if needed...

- Are there any specific settings to optimize Astrill performances?

- I have just recently learned about Leatrix Latency it useful when it comes to my case? Would it create any problems if using a VPN? Or more in general, is it advisable to use it? Or is it just obsolete? (I read it came out during wonderin'...)

Well...that's all for now...thx a bunch worship

WoW settings for a newbie :)

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