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 priest tip

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random guy 

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  Fri 8 Jun 2007 - 5:06  #
Ok Smile There was no post in the priests section and i felt bad for this uber class.

SO i will give a few tips for shadow priests regarding the use of shadow word pain (SWP)... (thx Elmi)...

There are many usages of this power at low rank (rank1).

- I can be used to stun players or pets that resisted one of your fears in PVP. If you are specced correctly, the SWP rank1 will have a good chance to trigger the shadow stun effect. It is specially good when the damn hunters send you their fear resistant kitties.

- Another use is to trigger the shadow weaving effect. In a few seconds and for a very low amount of mana, you can give a +15% bonus on shadow dammage to your fellow priests and warlocks. This is usefull when you are not DPSin in a boss fight and healing your mates. When you have so mana not used and some time, just throw a few SWP rank1 to shadow weave the boss.
I can especially recommand this as a prank to warlock during 58 fight (58 = wu ba = the unscarred = last boss of AQ20). This boss have period where his vulnerability to shadow are really increase aswell as the dammage he takes from shadow. If you have psycho shadow bolting warlocks, just shadowweave this boss, sit back relax and look at the warlocks OTing the boss with 10K+ dammage bolts Smile It's a lot of fun, but it might lead to awefull wipe if the raid is not hie Smile

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  Fri 8 Jun 2007 - 9:40  #
I'll also add some tips with pain rank 1.

When facing a class that can dispell, your Pain is basicly a useless spell at max rank. however it is a great spell to have the guy in front of you waste his mana (+the offchance of getting a stun).

Paladin, those guys will clease it before the first tick happens, even if they dont they will most of the time not care for the amount they were hit and dispell it. at 60 the cost of the spell is 120 mana for a paladin and since you get shadow weaving on for free he has a chance to dispell that isntead of pain. the paladin will in general waster 240mana to get both effects off him. If he only cleanses pain you have won 5% damage.

If you get a stun, mana drain (or whatever the name of the spell is). if he is low health, you can try to finish him with stun +fear + silence. that is a long time without any heal.

With Elmede I have never lost against a paladin using that method. And I mean NEVER.

Again a priest, it's the same trick but less effective. since a dispell will take out both effects (for 220 mana). as a shadow priest you will in general loose against a holy priest. as he has a much better mana regen than you. and it's just a pointless mana drain battle.

Another priest tip:
dispell works on channeled spells. if you are facing a warlock drain lifing you. Dispell yourself. same with mindflay. Drain mana and so on. that is forgotten way too often.

priest tip

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