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Joined : 2006-12-03
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Character in WOW
Server: TW-Stormscale (雷鱗)
Name: Naklin
Guild: All Gear No Skill

  Mon 2 Jul 2007 - 4:48  #

TBC outlands will most probably be available at July 11th (latest) and then levelling will start.
until then, the WHOLE SERVER seems to do Battlegrounds only (yet they all keep spending their honor directly). That might sound like fun, but its crap after 2 days, and utterly boring.
Fine to get the honor, fine to somehow keep it. But we are being slow.
2 Suggestions:

1) Could we establish some time around evenings (starting 7:00 or 7:30 would be perfect) to be ALL of the horde chars possible on that realm, of level 60 to be ONLINE?
This would permit us to (a) team up for battlegrounds, use voicechat, and actually run WSG so fast that we do massive honor, and (b) let us see how "active people are and are willing to get, een if only for a few evenings, so that we can forsee our chances of raiding or teaming up in TBC.

2) Around the instance of Karahzan, since the last patch, there are mobs of around level 71 and higher, elites. They DO have their correct loottables, meaning TBC drops. they are world mobs, so they are outside.
In my guild we have a few reported kills by hunters (green +90 SpellDMG 1H-dagger anyone?). So these things ARE possible, yet HARD!
I wish to team up and down them. if possible grind them for drops before TBC. they hit cloth for about 300 ish at worst. But Naklin lands 1 spell out of 50 on them thanks to resist / miss. We tried with taim last night.
But with a decent warrior and some healing and more people we can take them down. 7k life is not a lot to beat.
Anyone care to have a new challenge?
the first REAL high level mob since a long time.... cmon, guys.

anyways, try to see you around 7:20 one of these days.


Come and join on Starcraft 2 as well =]

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Character in WOW
Server: TW
Name: noobcake

  Mon 2 Jul 2007 - 5:10  #
WTF ???

You mean there are real 71E mobs now in our realm ???

Let's go get their bum bums on a silver plate Smile

  Mon 2 Jul 2007 - 12:54  #
I like the name of this post... prout land ....

Anyway at 19h 19h30 i cannot conect to play, it's too early i'll just go home or arrive at home !
not before 22h for me... snif...

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Male Location : Taizhou

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Server: Area 4 - 澳得兰克
Name: Tre

  Wed 4 Jul 2007 - 5:47  #
I also need more time, after 20-20:30 is normal logon for me (kids must sleep first)....excellent idea though ! Smile
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