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 Post your UI / improve your UI

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  Thu 12 Jul 2007 - 8:32  #
I think about every WoW forum must have this kind of thread. It is therefor high time for us to get ours!

Some advises on UI design and how to build a proper UI would be nice.
What makes a nice UI? and all that stuff.

I'll post my previous one once i get back home (new one far fron being done with unfortunatly).

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  Thu 12 Jul 2007 - 10:09  #
My UI has tons of awesome features I really like, however, since I'm using Chinese client it also has some that simply don't work. I'm way too lazy to actually re-do everything, again, so just kinda suck it up. The thing is: Thinking, thinking, 2 hours of fixing the stuff, or 2 hours of grinding away. I choose grinding away. Smile My base UI compilation is:

I've removed some of the mods for functional reasons or just to clean it up, but that's the base compilation I like!

Posts : 110
Joined : 2007-04-27

  Tue 17 Jul 2007 - 16:13  #
Finally finished, I'm clearly no designer but I will content myself with this.

First one is my previous UI:

This is my current UI:
I'm a bit dull and the gradient took me quite some time to figure out ^^
I couldnt get rid of the Mail notification icon on the minimap (would be nice to have it on FuBar isntead). minimap all in one icon is acutally already gone.

And this is when I target someone, and mouse over the bottom of the screen.


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  Sun 22 Jul 2007 - 11:49  #
That looks really nice, i like the sleekness of your UI, but personally i dont like the many fading effects...definitely a personal preference tho, thats for sure!

Not everyones type i guess but its exactly what i need
Blind DragonBlind Dragon

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  Mon 23 Jul 2007 - 14:57  #
what about your inventory ?
i still use the default one...any recommandation ? and to see all the character inventory and bank ? i can't find a good one...any suggestion ?

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  Fri 27 Jul 2007 - 16:27  #
bagnon/banknon is awesome for changing the look of bank and bag windows and extremely useful as well as it saves space on the screen.

Skinner is great for changing around the look of your windows like AH and character screen, to make it more futuristic

Bongos is an EXTREMELY useful replacement for your usual action bar. it can save you lots of space on the screen if you have only a small resolution or make your screen look even bigger if you have a big one! it make it easy to lose all the bars that leave you only with a little hole to look through

another staple imo, is Pear Classic or X-Perl unit frames. its hard to decide which one is better as this relies a lot on personal preference but these 2 are definitely the best unit frames around.

FuBar, the worthy successor of Titan Panel adds a huge variety of functionality to the bottom or top of your screen in just a thin bar! it gives you countless different types of information and the plugins are always becoming more.

another great addon would be CT mod. probably one of the most famous, its a whole library of different functions and quite versatile

finally, i think its pointless to try someone elses interface or download a pack and use it as every player sees different things as important. You should visit sites like and just take maybe an hour or two of time to find the best addons for yourself. Theres much much more than what i have listed here and i have much more than that too, its impossible to list all the good stuff, youll just have to spend an evening getting your perfect interface together Razz. thats what i did and now wow is twice as fun
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Post your UI / improve your UI

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