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 Any sticky topic for introducing new member here?

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Joined : 2007-09-27
Male Location : Shanghai

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Server: stormscale
Name: Darkmort
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  Fri 28 Sep 2007 - 18:04  #
just found this forum yesterday. I have been looking for people who is in China and playing WoW. FINALLY!!! OYAY!

Anyway, I am Indonesien born Chinese, currently working in Shanghai. HI Naklin and Deadanus.

I am still noob though in WoW. Played for couple months in EU server from CHINA! Yes, its bloody lagging and i managed to get to level 30 something Druid. Then I gave up, and turned to chinese server. Currently playing in...not maduolan, but yisilan or something sounds like that. PVE shanghai 1 server. Character name is Magoo (mage). Right now, I am currently sort of lazy to play due to my bad chinese (only speak Indonesien, English, German, mandarin - Chinese dialect). SO, i have been desperately looking for the TBC patch to use English client to play on Chinese server. I would love to help whatever I can help to get that patch out. Um, i have written so long...wont bother you guys with other stuff. SO, HI EVERYBODY!
Timmy The CruelTimmy The Cruel

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  Fri 28 Sep 2007 - 21:52  # to present yourself ^^. .. . and welcome!

sorry short message, bit busy talk later.......

I remember faces easily, but I'll make an exception for you.
A frog's life
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Any sticky topic for introducing new member here?

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