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 Connection probs from US to China

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  Sun 7 Oct 2007 - 1:01  #
First off, great site. Hope to play WOW again in Chinese while in the States. I downloaded the client from the website via a torrent and installed. I have a few 30yuan cards which I stockpiled and went to the nine cities website and reactivated my account and threw some time on it.

My problem is that when I start up the launcher, enter to the login screen, and I put in my information it just hangs at the first screen, where it checks my login and pass. It stays there and won't even say incorrect login or anything. I think that I'm not even getting any connection with the login servers in China. I read some on these forums about changing the realm list yet nothing seamed to work. What should I do to be able to connect? I also checked server status and everything looked like it was up and fine in China.

Anyways, I would like to join one of these guilds and play. I play a lot of games, and I'm quitting my RF Online for WOW. I hope we can get this fixed. Thanks in advance for your support.

EDIT: Patched I am running the most recent version. Still not able to connect to Login Server at all. Any suggestions?

SOLUTION: Got this to work! If anyone ever has this problem first look to make sure you have the latest patches installed. After that if you are not getting past the login screen it could be due to a router/firewall programs live AVG and Norton don't recognized the WoW launcher and the folder as the same program so it will block the folder from working while letting the launcher work. You need to manual change the settings to allow all from WoW folder to work with your fire wall. If it still persist it's a problem with your router and you should try bypassing it first, then going into the settings of the router and doing the same with port numbers.

Since no one really was able to reply I hope this helps other who might have the same problem down the road. Now to figure out what server/area you guys are on to join up!


Connection probs from US to China

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