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 Account Trade

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Posts : 52
Joined : 2007-05-08

  Sat 24 Nov 2007 - 10:11  #
i am so tired of paying my shaman.. hes on server 4 70 kara attuned with full blues and purples and 280% mount.. if anyone wants to trade or can help me get a trade on one of your servers (prefereably alliance ma duo lan Very Happy )anythig but a healer >.> it would be greatly appreciated

Posts : 381
Joined : 2007-07-16
Male Location : Shanghai

Character in WOW
Server: 奥特兰克
Name: Pouetpou
Guild: TCW

  Mon 26 Nov 2007 - 6:36  #
What do you want exactly ? you are BL ? LM ?
If you wanna RAID with us you are welcome ^^
come on Maduolan Smile We just start KLZ, new challager incomming ?? hhe

We still need a QS (paladin lvl 70)

Posts : 52
Joined : 2007-05-08

  Mon 3 Dec 2007 - 15:49  #
hmm actually my fried and i decided to reroll and i was thinking maybe a QS or ZS (i wanna be gnome hehe) hes gonna make a gnome SS.. but then we love ganking so i dont think the pve server is good for us... but let me tell u a story of a pvp server Wink

I got rooted once, then an invis rogue popped on me while a mage sheeped me, when a hunter sicked his pet on me, and a walock feared me while a priest mind controlled me, right after a pally activated his invulnerabitly sheild and ran in circles

see its priceless....

Posts : 1032
Joined : 2006-12-03
Male Age : 39
Location : Shanghai

Character in WOW
Server: TW-Stormscale (雷鱗)
Name: Naklin
Guild: All Gear No Skill

  Tue 4 Dec 2007 - 2:12  #
blues and purples are 70 purples or 60 purples?
if you can post his current stats (HP / MP / +DAM + HEAL / AP / CRIT / SPELLCRIT / +HIT / +SPELLHIT / ARMOR), that would be great.
what server 4 realm is he on?
i think i can try ask around friends and help


Come and join on Starcraft 2 as well =]

Posts : 52
Joined : 2007-05-08

  Tue 4 Dec 2007 - 13:18  #
that would be 70 blues and purples.. i have both elemental and resto weapons although the gear is mostly elemental.. almost enough for the s2 sheild but im saving for s3 (arena wise). im currently restoration doing dungeon for badges of justice..
heres my char:
Race: Troll -_-''
Class: Shaman
1. Resto Arena Gear Stats
HP: 7809
MP: 8545
+dam: 487
+heal: 767
Spell Crit: 11.03%
MP5(mana per5): 162
if they want my raidig stats too i can do tht.. this is all lvl 70 blus and purples UNBUFFED.. lol
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Account Trade

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