Foreign community at Chinese World of Warcraft

For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 Hi and Help!

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Joined : 2008-02-27

  Wed 27 Feb 2008 - 19:12  #
First of all I would like to extend a bit THANKYOU to all you posters who contributed to helping me establish a wow account in wowchina. You guys are truly a great bunch Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation worship

I have successfully installed everything..made account..logged on and played on the chinese servers. However my problems is this:

- All the players text appear as "?"s including my own when I try to type in 汉字 hanzi. Also, All the realm lists appear as a "?" too but i got round that using tips supplied on forums. What I need to do is get hold of that Arrow FONT DOWNLOAD but i cant find it anywhere? Can someone please supply a link Question

I have many yrs wow experience -- completely addicted to wow --- and lov pvp. I just recently lost 2 accounts that were located in the US. I was still playing them from China but too slow. So I rolled on wowchina and was delighted to find like minded ppl. Wink

My real life name is Skye and I have lived, worked and studied in China now for nearly 3 years. I plan to stay here alot longer. I will probably roll the following 4 characters: Tauren Resto druid (feral till 70). Undead Shadowstep rogue (combat till 70). Undead Warlock SLSL. And if i get really motivated Orc MS Warr.

I really hope I can hookup with you guys on the pve alliance server 玛多兰 but when I went there last night I couldnt find any1 in coweaters or it still active?

Anotherthing I am not really fond of PVE or Alliance so I think I will spend most of my time on 山丘之王 pvp horse server. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE

I have great website that helped alot while creating my account and navigating through chinese website. It basically acts as a translator for text...all you need to do is cut and paste...good luck:|en[url]

I pretty much solved all my problems. Big thankyou to Joebar 68 hunter.
Any1 interested in pvp come play on 山丘之王 pvp server, shanghai1!!!
Add me, name: Resto

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  Mon 3 Mar 2008 - 18:03  #
Good to see that there are more fellow pvp'ers!
Im trying to get started on the chinese realms with a english version of the game....lost 4 70's from the EU realm when I moved to china one of them gladiator rank =(

Are u guys playing on a Shanghai server?
If so me and some friends want to level up and do some hardcore arena's with other foreigners:P

...once we find out how to get started^^

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Joined : 2008-02-27

  Tue 4 Mar 2008 - 7:06  #
Hey man, welcome

Average latency is between 50-200ms for me and I am not even in Shanghai. However peek time it can get a bit higher.

I am so so so happy to see more pvpers playing. I lost 2 70's on US server and am starting again from scratch here in China. Rolling Eyes

What you need to do is the following to make an account...
1) Make sure you have the very latest version of wow installed on your computer. Sometimes the chinese wow version lags behind in US updates and patches. However, at the moment they are the same. Its up to version 2.3.3 (7799).

2) Go to
Click on "1" this should take you to the 1st step in the account creation process. Here you have to make an account with "the9" (its the name of the chinese company in charge of wow in china).

box1 = Account Username
box2 = Password
box3 = Repeat Pasword

box4 = Real Name
box5 = Chinese ID number (This is something you dont have and will need to ask a chinese friend to supply you with their ID number. All chinese citizens have 1. This is where girlfriends come in extra handy).
box6 = Email address.
box6 = Type in the code that you see on the screen.

you can use:
as a translator, just cut and paste the text into the box and click translate (remember to change it from chinese to english).

3) Once you have successfully created your account and logged in you will need create a CD key. To do this you will need to buy a WOW game card which you will then use to get your cd key (note. these cards can also be used for game time). As you have probably read here at the forums they are sold at most Internet bars. Ask for "Wo Yao Mai Mosho Sjijie Card" (not sure of the pinying). They cost 30 yuan. You then use the code that you scratch of to get your cd key.
- After you have logged in, click on 1 of the following 游戏充值 充值历史 游戏余额 buttons.
- On the left side should be column of options. Look for 购买CDKEY (Buy CD key).
- This takes you to the page where you enter your scratched card number, along with the number you see on the screen. If correct you should be given your new CD key. The page where you enter the scratched of number is (note. you need to enter your: "the9" username and password):

4) Now you need to enter your CD key. Once you arrive at the CD key page you will have 4 options:
[url] [/url]
These represent the different areas in China. I am at: 一区/四区(电信)已认证CDKEY which is the 1st one (You can play on the Shanghai server here). I reccomend going there, you can always change it later (at a cost of buying another wow game card). Enter your CD key.

5) You have to change your realmlist to represent chinese servers not US or Europe. To do this you need to:
- Go to your wow folder.
- Open the "Realmlist" file using notpad. Change the line to:
set realmlist

6) Create a new folder in your wow directory "called Fonts". You need to download a file and unzip it into this folder to recognize the chinese characters. (I am looking for the link to this file and will add it later).

7) Start wow, log in..If you cant see the server list, or can only see ?'s click on any server and make a character anywhere, log in, run around for a second, and then log out. Go to your Wow Folder, Open your WTF file. Open your "Confif" file using notpad. Change the Set realname command to the following: SET realmName "山丘之王". This should make this realm your default login realm when you next log in.

Cool Make charcter on horde side, power level, kill alliance, win!!!!
- Add my character to friends: Resto

I really hope this helps. I will add and change a few things here and there to make it more user friendly in the future!

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Hi and Help!

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