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 Link to instances and lvl 60 quests

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Blind DragonBlind Dragon

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Joined : 2006-08-07
Age : 36
Location : Shanghai

Character in WOW
Server: Ma Duo Lan
Name: Kenzaya

  Sun 3 Dec 2006 - 12:37  #
Hello all,

The guild is growing up...and new "High level" are coming...Sweety, Weirdal and Glob.
So, for you 3, i put the link for your lvl 60 quests...and instance, and ... anyway, things that i didn't know before being lvl 60...hope it'll help you !

1st link : (FRENCH) (ENGLISH)
will explain you how to get the keys to enter all the RAID'll need help, so, do the first steps of these quests, and we'll help you for the hardest/group parts.

2nd link : (ENGLISH)
here is the best page about reputation...very important Smile boring but important !

As i already proposed to low level ingame, i can (with help if we need) do some instance run (Deadmine, shadowfang keep, Uldaman, Scarlet Monastery, ...) to help you to clean the quests. For that, please check all the quest here ( and take them. When you have all, don't hesitate to contact me to do them...i mean it Very Happy I'm sure Pano will be so happy as well to help you guys.

That's it, i'll post more usefull link later.

Server : MaDuoLan
Kenzaya - Mage Gnome - 70 - Alchemy 375 / Herbalism 375
Krougi - Hunter DE - 70 - Letherworking 375 / skinning 375
Mulon - Priest - 66 - Tailoring 375 / Enchanting 300
Karakas - Shaman - 60 - Jewelcrafting 300 / Mining 330 << /w

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Character in WOW
Server: Beijing 2 - 主宰之剑
Name: Amore

  Tue 12 Dec 2006 - 13:52  #
In the same kind of links...

For those who like instances, but don't want to wait for others to open doors/invoke Bosses/activate portals...
Here is the list of all the stuff available needed to go further in the different instances, it also gives where and how you can have it.



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Joined : 2006-10-25
Male Location : Shanghai

Character in WOW
Server: 玛多兰
Name: Biceps

  Sat 16 Dec 2006 - 15:55  #
I still have some times before getting really involved in this stuff, but when lvl 60, I'd appreciate we'll make a session "all have UBRS key" which I find is especially hard & long to get (as Romain, I have never denied my helping the others doing strategic importance quests)

If some good souls can listen down to me What a Face

PS: I have a mount soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

田畕畾畕田 - Mage Herborist/Miner/Grinder

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Character in WOW
Server: MaDuoLan
Name: Madinina

  Mon 18 Dec 2006 - 11:17  #
I don't really a lot about instances but I think when lvl 60 I'll be happy to do some big and interesting ones with you kroko or any one the way, when lvl 60 the big instances is not the only thing to do??(sorry if I ask a newbie question... Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed )
and I heard about a place named Ahn Qiraj (or something like that..) do you know it?
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Link to instances and lvl 60 quests

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