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 Hi from a native Chinese

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  Thu 22 May 2008 - 13:34  #
Hi Everyone!

First some introduction of myself. I'm Chinese and I lived in China till I graduated from high school, now I'm going to college in the US... but my family is still in China so I come back during long school breaks. I've played 2 years of WoW on US server, with a bunch of Chinese friends who live in Shanghai. (They play with proxy)

At first I raided as Alliance on Cenarius, for almost 1 year. Then we rerolled Horde on Anub'Arak and played PVP only, got Season 2 Gladiator in 5v5.

Right now I'm back in China for summer and got a CWOW account from a friend who just quit the game. So when I was searching about how to change the realmlist file to connect to CWOW with my US client, I found this place...

It's really cool to see such a community because I am a foreigner on US server too, lol

Anyway, just want to say hi - and if you guys have any problems with Chinese, I'll be glad to help translate stuff. But I probably won't remember to check this place often, so if you need a quick help , email me at, which I check on a daily basis.

BTW my cwow char is on bg1, 卡德罗斯, named 锋利的盾

Hi from a native Chinese

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