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 Using English WOW in Taiwan

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BALANDOR (Northernlight) 

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Joined : 2008-08-15
Male Location : From Vancouver Canada living in Taipei Taiwan

  Sat 16 Aug 2008 - 4:00  #
A few questions for players in Taiwan:

So in Taipei, if I buy a copy of WOW, it will be in Chinese or is there an English option within the software?

If no English this would mean that I follow the directions in this forum about playing English on Chinese server and / or playing on a Taiwanese server. Yes/No?

Also going back to Canada for a few weeks and will pick up a new copy of WOW. Will I have any issues using this (Canadian) copy back here in Taiwan?

thanks for your help in this matter
Timmy The CruelTimmy The Cruel

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  Sun 17 Aug 2008 - 13:15  #

If you buy it in Taiwan, it will only be in Taiwanese.

If you want to play in English, then yes, you're gonna have to follow the instructions of this forum. Otherwise, you can just play in Taiwanese.

And if you wanna play with your Canadian version, it's like if you had downloaded the English version to play on the taiwanese servers. So no need to buy it really, unless you want the CD.
The only problem that could happen are patch compatibility, but I think Chinese and English patch a released at the same time now, aren't they?

When back to Canada, will you play the Taiwanese servers or Canadian?

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BALANDOR (Northernlight) 

Posts : 2
Joined : 2008-08-15
Male Location : From Vancouver Canada living in Taipei Taiwan

  Mon 18 Aug 2008 - 5:18  #
Hi Globuline:
Thanks for the information. It answers my concerns very clearly. I didn't want to rush into buying local (Taiwan) software because I don't speak/read Chinese. I won't be online when in Canada but as soon as i get back i'll be playing. I will probably pick up an Eng. cpy. in Canada and bring it back to Taiwan and play on a Taiwan server. Are you suggesting there are compatability problems with both the downloaded and CD versions, or problems just with the CD format? Also, how will the monthly fees work out of Taiwan? I have read mixed reports about using something called MyCard,which may or may not be easily available. As you can tell from my questions I'm very new at this. Thanks again!

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  Tue 26 Aug 2008 - 11:25  #
you can download the US version

it is around 33USd for 90 days or 13USD for 30 days
or you can play by the minute for 10USD - 1800 or 3600 minutes ( cant remember)

if you want , you can download the whole US wow 2.43 from me
around 9G
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Using English WOW in Taiwan

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