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For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 Forum Rules

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Forum Rules _
  Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeThu 19 Apr 2007 - 20:05  #
Our forum is all grown up now, and we are starting to need to settle some rules here. These are now available for any new subscriber, but I'd like to add them here, for the long-time members.

All these rules are basically common sense, but we feel a reminder doesn't hurt.

Forum rules

1/ Behaviour towards the other users:
As user of a forum inside a community, people are expected not to hold disrespectful language or behaviour towards other users, groups of users, groups of non users or the forum itself; that includes flaming, direct and indirect insults, explicitly sexual and racist remarks, spamming, spoilers without warning, repeated private discussion in public threads, duplicating existing threads of same topic, finally anything that makes users or admins life a bit less pleasant.

2/ Advertising
This forum can't be used to post advertisement, to take religious, political or ideological ideas of any kind. This forum is for gamers, dont talk about money on public threads. Use private messages instead.

3/ Language
As every user has his/her own mother tongue, English is the official language here for obvious communication reasons.
Since our community is located inside chinese borders, Chinese is accepted as well.
French is also accepted inside the related section (for those who are part of the French group). Finally, any other languages are accepted and welcomed from times to times, but do not abuse.
Again the common sense is the rule here, users repeatedly using Chinese to take part in english threads or using mother language to hide something that doesn't satisfy rule #1 are getting themselves into trouble.

4/ Admins rights
The admins reserve the right to send warning if any behaviour isn't welcomed, or, if common sense has been overtaken, ban without warning.
Ex: a regular user posting "**** you" will be issued a warning
an incoming teenager posting "STFU YOU FCKING NOOB" will be permanently banned.
Note that not all messages from admins to possible troublemakers are warnings; warnings are private messages entitled *WARNING*. Users receiving warnings are already quite close to the ban. Other messages from admins are not warning but still should be considered.
We dont send multiple warnings to the same user.

Guild rules

1 /Foreign and Chinese guild behaviour.
Being on a foreign game server, players should behave correctly by being tolerant, polite and respectful of others. We don't want to send a negative image of our native country by acting unconsciously. Any behaviour seen or reported as incorrect will lead to a warning for the concerned player, and will be communicated to the guild officers (from foreign guild AND Chinese guilds if relevant).
If it is recurrent, the player will be banned from the foreign guild or asked for sanctions in his/her Chinese guild.

2 /Languages Issues
English is the main language used ONLY in foreign guilds, it obviously doesn't concern Chinese guilds. But it doesn't mean that Chinese people cannot join foreign guilds.
Everybody is welcome to join, as long as they can at least understand and communicate in English. Having a Chinese name should NOT be an issue for joining foreign guilds.
Players are expected to deal with Mandarin. Therefore, they are strongly advised to install Chinese font to at least read characters. If they cannot write Chinese, they will not be expected to do so, at the condition that they warn others players.

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Forum Rules

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