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For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 Aion Revisted - Guide Install - Patch 1.2

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  Sat 22 Aug 2009 - 7:54  #
Due to updates in the game and changes in the installation process for 1.2 update to Aion, this is an ammended and simplified guide to getting started with chinese Aion.

Will also cover setting up multiple copies should you wish to run more than one instance of the game.


Official Chinese Aion website :

Aion: The Tower of Eternity is a visually stunning massively multiplayer online role-playing game featuring cutting-edge imagery, breath-taking environments, and a unique world of fantasy. You play a pivotal role in the fate of Atreia, where flying takes on a completely new role and the enemy is not only the other player faction, but a deadly ancient evil as well.

Here are some distinctive aspects of Aion:

The World: Aion is set in a unique land where players explore the inside of a shattered world, separated into two halves with the Abyss between them.

Aerial Combat: No longer limited to two-dimensional combat on the ground, players in Aion can fly. Now think of online combat on a massive scale where attacks can come in any direction.

PvPvE: Players will be able to engage in intense raids and other encounters with computer opponents, not to mention the opposing player faction.

Classes: Players have a choice of four classes to start with, and can then move on to two more specialized classes once they attain a certain level of capability.

Character Customization: You can customize your character in a multitude of ways with a thorough character creation and crafting system, as well as detailed item customization options.

A to Z How to : from installation, to account creation

#1 Download/Patch/English PAK
#2 Registering
#3 Changing password
#4 Payment
#5 Usefull ingame Chat
#6 Multi Box Setup


Follow this link to the official chinese Aion website to download:

You need to download:
AION Setup

(insure all are placed on the same drive in the same folder or you will get errors when installing).

This version is the update but is a full copy of the game *no need to install previous versions*.

Before installing you will need to make sure your computers language settings are set to English US or you will not be able to correctly install the english pak described below.

Start>Control Panel>Regional and Language Options>Formats *English (United States)>Location *United States*>Administrative *Change System Locale, English United States*>RESTART

Run AION Setup , follow the install wizard *don't worry that it is all in giberish this is because your Unicode language is in English now and the install client is in chinese*, change the install location directory to English (this is also due to the english pak we need to install).

C:/Aion D:/Aion etc.

Once the install is finished untick the box and hit close, your new Aion directory should look like this:

C:/Aion/֮ (or wherever you placed it C D E, does not matter).

INSTALLING ENGLISH PAK *unless you want to play in chinese in which case ignore this*

Download and place in your Aion directory

On your desktop there should be an Aion icon with the name ֮ *DO NOT RE-NAME IT!!*.

Open this link (if asks for permission click continue* which will run the Aion Launcher, you will need to select a region from 1-10 (you can see on the left side of the launcher under the AION box in chinese which region you are currently set to, this will change to english after we install the PAK in a moment).

We have started a small community at the following place :

Server(the one you choose on the launcher) : 一区(华中电信)central China to ensure best ping for everyone.
realm : israpel(天燕座*)*second symbol of the chinese name isn't exactly the same but I couldn't find the right name. be carefull because two realm start with 天and finish with 座
faction : Elyos(angel like guys)
Guild : There is a few guilds now operating with English speaking players, but the main one being Elyos
Contact Azuriel, Alc, Teerdus, Aine

You can also check out the forums on - select chinese realm forum. This has a large foreign community and will give you and idea of where most foreigners are located - be wary of the fact US AION release is in September and you could be left trying to play with all your foreign friends disapearing.

Once you have selected your region:

There are two bars at the bottom of the launcher if you click the top button on the right it will start to do some quick patches including the Chinese language pak, let this finish until the top bar is blue and the bottom bar is orange as shown in the picture.

Now close the launcher and run your


Select the appropriate realm to patch *this is the same as the realm you chose on the launcher*, complete and close.

Run Aion again and click the same button as before, it will start to update your let it finish. As soon as it is done close the launcher.

Go you your Aion directory and set your "versionInfo_Aion.ini" (located in the main CAION folder) to read only. Right click it, select Properties. General tab, scroll down to attributes, click ?Read Only?, Apply, then Close.

Once again install the AION1.2_ENU_Patch_All_08082009.exe

Run the launcher, everything should be set now; no more updates needed and you can play Aion in English.

Patching AION to 1.2 (only applies if you are running Aion, if you have followed the above directions for installing you do not need to patch and can ignore this section, move on to step #2.

If you have previously installed Aion you will still need to patch the game to be able to play on the new version. To do this click the below link to access the 1.2 patch

Once you have finished downloading this file (place it in your Aion directory), open the:


file and let it patch your Aion *if you recieve an error message saying it cannot locate your Aion directory you will need to un-install Aion and either download the 1.2 client above or if you have the origional files still re-install them and try again*, these errors occur if you have moved or re-named or changed things in your Aion folder since you first installed it.

Once the patch is complete follow the English install guide above ^^.



Click the link below

Log into your account

Enter Name and Password in the box on the right and click enter.


If you do not have access to a Adult ID:


Press the white button to generate and ID *the ID number is in the second box*

Select one of the following names:

王洪侠 付文文 史莹 白瑞峰 兴明明 刘颖

It does not matter which one you use.

This is not recommended if your going to be a long term player of Aion as you could have issues if your account was ever banned or hacked so just find a friend to help you instead.

Click on your username on the top right of the screen

Now follow

If ID is correct you should see this page



Go to login


Fill in the form to complete changing password



As a note, you will recieve 8 free game hours on each region *only region not each server*, so you have a bit of time to try out some different servers until you find one you like (you can change the region on your Aion Launcher, greyed out means they are still on previous version and have not patched to 1.2 yet).

Go to

Click the card ICON on the left with the little SNDA writing on it
Select Second Option for Aion

Second Box: User Name
Third Box: Confirm User Name
Fourth Box: Select Server 1-10
Fourth Box: Enter the uncovered number on the game card
Fifth Box: Scratch the covered number and enter it

Click Confirm Button

This should now mean you have both access to Aion and your account is charged, congratulations.




Asking for group

求组 解任务
Asking for group to solve mission

(ctrl+right-click to link it)

Help solve

Please help me solve

Sorry I don't speak Chinese

I copy and pasted my Chinese into the game

我中文不好 请说英文
My Chinese is not good, please speak English

Please go somewhere else

Scram! (impolite)

Don't steal (monster/item)

I am waiting

We are waiting


Wait a moment


我要走了 再见
I'm going to go, goodbye

注意 Caution

天族 Elyos (literally: the race of the sky or angles)
魔族 Asmodians (literally: the race of the devil)

来 come
要来了 are coming
跟我来 come with me

在 at

北 North
南 South
东 East
西 West
前 Front
后 Back
左 Left
右 Right

注意魔族 Caution Asmodians
注意魔族要来了 Caution Asmodians are coming
注意魔族在北 Caution Asmodians at North
注意魔族在南 Caution Asmodians at South
注意魔族在东 Caution Asmodians at East
注意魔族在西 Caution Asmodians at West
注意魔族在前 Caution Asmodians at Front
注意魔族在后 Caution Asmodians at Rear
注意魔族在左 Caution Asmodians at Left
注意魔族在右 Caution Asmodians at Right
来帮打魔族 Come help kill Asmodians

注意天族 Caution Elyos
注意天族要来了 Caution Elyos are coming
注意天族在北 Caution Elyos at North
注意天族在南 Caution Elyos at South
注意天族在东 Caution Elyos at East
注意天族在西 Caution Elyos at West
注意天族在前 Caution Elyos at Front
注意天族在后 Caution Elyos at Rear
注意天族在左 Caution Elyos at Left
注意天族在右 Caution Elyos at Right
来帮打天族 Come help kill Elyos

I don't speak Chinese, but I know what to do, so I will follow you.
我不会说中文, 但是我知道要做什么, 所以我将会跟你走

I don't speak Chinese, but I know what to do, so please follow me.
我不会说中文, 但是我知道要做什么, 所以请你跟我走

早安 Good morning
下午好 Good afternoon
晚上好 Goodnight
晚安 Goodnight (usually used when leaving)
幸会 Pleasure to meet you
对不起 I'm sorry

Do you want to join my group?

Can I join your group please?

I also want to complete the mission, let us team up.
我也要解这个任务 一起结队吧

Please mark the monsters which you would like me to tank.

No, I'm not joking, I really don't know Chinese

I don't mind if we kill boss or quest i am here for the XP

Do you want ?

Can I have ?

剑星 Gladiator
守护星 Templar
精灵星 Spiritmaster
魔道星 Sorcerer
弓星 Ranger
杀星 Assassin
护法星 Chanter
治愈星 Cleric

Universal response to something you don't understand

Posts : 41
Joined : 2009-07-06

  Sat 22 Aug 2009 - 9:12  #


Lots of people use this as a way to get an advantage while levelling or farming and although some consider it hacking I personally find it just a good tool to use for these reasons to better enhance your ability to progress in a game.

Whichever way you look at it good or bad here is a how to:

Copy you main C-Aion folder as many times as you want accounts and rename them (don't put any spaces in the name)

For this example we will use Aion1

On your desktop right click and copy paste ֮ launcher for as many copies of Aion that you want to run.

Rename them to Aion1 Aion2 Aion3 for example

Right click each copy select properties and change the Target and Start in directories to what you renamed your copies.

G:\Aion\֮\PlayNCLauncher.exe /GameID:PlayNCLauncher /StartGameID:AION / /BannerUrl:

for example change to

E:\Aion1\֮\PlayNCLauncher.exe /GameID:PlayNCLauncher /StartGameID:AION / /BannerUrl:

or if same drive and directory

G:\Aion1\֮\PlayNCLauncher.exe /GameID:PlayNCLauncher /StartGameID:AION / /BannerUrl:



change to



The ingame macro system has a guide you can just follow that to get started. As a note when using Macros make sure you use one of the demo macros to copy the roman numeral for 1 over to your own as if you type

Furious Strike 1 *for example*, it will not work. Once you upgrade skills to 2 you can just copy it 2 times and so on.


These type programs do not work due to game guard, make your setup easily accessible as you have to manually switch between copies and click the skills or macros for each character (unless you use a BOT, in which case your a douche and a cheater and I totally don't agree with the use of those when multi-boxing).


How many copies can I run on one computer?

Depends on your internet speed and computer, two will run very well throughout the whole game, three will start to lag in city and flying and four will lag everywhere for most single computer systems.

Two computers and using a router will alleviate this problem alot as you can just run two copies on each also two keyboards make this alot easier to manage your dps/healing.

What classes should I play?

Gladiator with Chanter seems to be the preffered classes of most boxers as the gladiator can serve as both high dps as well as a tank class (instance and elite areas are alot harder on gladiator than templar though), while the chanter is buffs healing and also steady Knockdowns and dps on the mob *more knockdowns mean gladiator does better dps as well*.

Questing or Grinding?

I find grinding a bit boring so have just quested so far using a /follow macro and an /assist macro so you only need to click the quest giver on your main character then assist for others. Apart from gathering quests this seems to work well. While it is slower than one character you have the benefit of ending up with multiple high level characters as well as being able to kill alot more along the way to get items to sell and use.
Any other questions please ask I will try to answer best I can.

Personally until I get my second computer up my current setup is 2 gladiator and one chanter *my other chanter is much higher level and waiting for them to catch up and also second computer and router setup*. This works pretty well and can do elite areas so far just takes some practise, will have to see about instances once get higher level.

Good luck with your set up!! geek

Aion Revisted - Guide Install - Patch 1.2

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