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 Lag playing in Taiwan server from Shanghai

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Joined : 2010-04-15

  Thu 15 Apr 2010 - 12:14  #
Hello im new here, just moved to china, and im going crazy with the lag playing in Eu servers. What is the lag if you play from shanghai in a taiwanese server? anyone knows?

i find quite dificult all the chinese id things and protecting the account with some dual matrix thingy xD, so im considering playing in taiwan.

So what is the lag you guys know?

btw any lvl 60 vanilla guild going on? i love vanilla

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  Thu 15 Apr 2010 - 12:20  #
i play perma sub 200 as of this week.

ping has become more stable since servers locked.
also from shanghai.


Come and join on Starcraft 2 as well =]

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Joined : 2010-04-15

  Thu 15 Apr 2010 - 12:27  #
Hi mate

Thanks for your fast response:P

with "server lock" you mean no new players can create chars within the server?

200 is good enough for pvp melee players? or you will always fail silencing, charging and such? (this kind of frustrating situation)


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Guild: Swiss Bunnies

  Thu 15 Apr 2010 - 12:28  #
If you life in China and play wow you should not have problems with lag too much within China. Playing on EU, US or TW servers requires a VPN service to be able to play.
Many people, Chinese and foreigners, playing wow in China moved from Chinese to Taiwan servers latetly, due to the fact, that CNwow still has TBC content and nobody knows if and when WOTLK will come to mainland China.
When I moved to China I played with my EU account but only for a short time, I could have used a VPN to play to decrease my ping, but the real reason I gave up was the time difference.
If you are considering playing on TW servers check out this section of the forum
Unfortunately the server 雷鱗(Stormscale) has been locked at the moment and we don't know when it will be open again.
Just check the forums and I am sure that it will be mentioned when you can create a new toon on Stormscale.
Wishing you good luck and welcome to China Smile

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Joined : 2010-04-15

  Thu 15 Apr 2010 - 12:39  #
Thanks mate!!

im checking it out right now, so is there only one server for taiwan or there are more? all of them locked? is pvp active? is there raf system like in europe (and if so, is anyone interested in inviting me and getting the zebra and so on)

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Lag playing in Taiwan server from Shanghai

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