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 Mantalo back in business

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Joined : 2011-03-06

  Wed 30 Jan 2013 - 17:18  #
Hi guys,

Seeing the few names I can see in TCW, it definitely reminds me something. Clearly I forgot most about the story. Actually I stopped to play when Cataclysm was launched in China, and as I remember that was when the big gathering of foreigners in China was made.

If some guys remember me, I was Mantalo, hordy afflilock. I don't even remember on which realm.
I'm downloading the game at the moment and I should be able to play again in a few days / week.

Hope to catch some old friend ig, I'll have to make my char 85 and i'll be looking for a good partner in Arena !

See you soon !

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Character in WOW
Server: 奥特兰克 - CN1(PVP)
Name: Sandre
Guild: TCW

  Thu 31 Jan 2013 - 2:18  #

Been so long! I used to arena with you with my paladin (Sandrina). We did 5's with a resto shaman with some japanese name, Crom and a chinese resto druid!

Awesome to see you back here!

Posts : 17
Joined : 2011-03-06

  Thu 31 Jan 2013 - 2:56  #
Yes ofc I remember. Crom with his hunt :p
It's a pleasure to see that's you're still here !

(was it you or another pally who speaks French ? :p)

We reached around 2000 didn't we ?
In the end I just missed the shoulder from the full PVP set, imba afflilock :p

We also used to do some 3v3 with James' priest and you I think too. Do you remember ? That was tough :p

You changed the name of your pally didn't u ? i think it was Uru at that time.

Can you check about my question on Bolo's post-it about installing wow in your language ? I'm currently streaming with the WoW Launcher and I'd like to know if that'll work...
Thanks and see you soon ig !
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Mantalo back in business

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