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 Pwn's Guide to PVE Pet Battles (Charm Farming, Fast Level)

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  Mon 15 Apr 2013 - 14:34  #
Pwn’s Pet Battle Guide for Raiders

This guide is to help people in the PVE part of Pet Battles. The primary reason for anyone to use Pet Battles currently is for farming Lesser Charms of Good Fortune in order to buy Mogu Charms for extra rolls via raid Boss kills and not have to do 45 Dailys per week for Charms. Using my farming method, it should take about 1 hour to get 90 Charms. Also using my fast start guide, it should take about 1 hour to have the tools needed to begin from scratch.

PVE Team – What you really need:

It is advisable to have the following pets, however for Charm Farming you really only need 2 Moths. However, a lot of people find the Pet Battle Dailys rewarding AND in 5.3 Pet Battle Dailys including Beast of Fables will reward Charms and VP.
You should try to obtain the following roster:

* 2 Moths (preferred is Yellow Moths that are Breed 4 or Garden Moths in Jade Forest)
* Anubisath Idol (Available on AH, or Raid Boss Drop in AQ40, Twin Emps)
* Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (Available on AH or crafted by Engineers)
* Magical Crawdad (Available on AH but expensive, or Fish him up in Mixed Highland Pools near Shattrath in Outlands)
* 2 Mini Mindslayers (Available on AH, or Raid Boss Drop in AQ40, First Boss)
* 1 Harbinger of Flame (Available on AH, or Raid Boss Drop in Molten Core)
* 1 Rabbit (Kun Lai Summit or Spring Rabbit available on AH – Breed 5 preferred)
* 1 Rapana Whelk (Dread Wastes)

With this roster, you can beat every single Daily Tamer 2 VS 3 (allows for power leveling other pets) and beat every single Beast of Fable very easy and fast. Also you of course can farm Charms at top speed.


1) Get a mechanical pet. Preferred will be Tranquil Mechanical Yeti and if possible upgrade the pet to Rare using a Flawless Battle Stone (AH).

2) Level the mech pet to level 6.

3) Go to Deadwind Pass and fight and capture an Arcane Eye. Arcane Eyes will be level 17 or 18 and appear solo. After a couple of tries, you will capture one with the level 6. Then use the eye + Yeti to get 2 more. Now quality matters here as well, so you may have to farm these guys a bit, prefer to get level 18 eyes and prefer to get Blue/Green Quality. If Pwn is helping you, then just get 1 Eye period.

4) With your three eyes, head to Northrend to Dragonblight and where the dragon bone carcass are you will find many Dragonbone Hatchlings. Fight these with the eyes and attempt to catch a Dragonbone hatchling. This can take a few tries but eventually RNG will reward you with one. Then use the Dragonbone + 2 eyes to capture ANY other pet, and then a third one. Now you have three level 20s including a dragonbone. Now get 3 Dragonbone Blue/Green captured OR 1 Dragonbone Blue/Green + 2 other BLUE pets. Ultimately you got atleast 1 Blue Dragonbone and 2 other Blues now.

5) Go to The Jade Forest in Pandaria and head to The Arboretum and fight all the wild pets there. You are looking for Garden Moths and you only want Green/Blue moths. Capture 2 Blue/Green Garden Moths. Once you have 2, head to the Vale “spot” – ask Pwn where this spot is if you do not know. Otherwise just fight Aquatic wild pets with your Moths and level them to 25.

6) You are now ready to use your 2 Moths + 1 Lowbie pet to farm Charms in the Vale fighting Aquatics as well as speed farm using the “spot”

Pwn's HELP Fast Start Guide:

1) Get a mechanical pet. Preferred will be Tranquil Mechanical Yeti and if possible upgrade the pet to Rare using a Flawless Battle Stone (AH).

2) Level the mech pet to level 6.

3) Go to Deadwind Pass and fight and capture an Arcane Eye. Arcane Eyes will be level 17 or 18 and appear solo. After a couple of tries, you will capture one with the level 6.

4) Now get Pwn to give you 2 level 17 Moths.

5) You are now ready to use your 2 Moths + 1 Lowbie pet to farm Charms in the Vale fighting Aquatics as well as speed farm using the “spot”

How to DESTROY all Tamers:

Pretty much Anubisath Idol is used VS every Tamer Daily. His ability to negate damage using Deflection, heal each turn (Humanoid passive) and mitigate DOT and multi attack damage to ZERO using Sandstorm makes him a very good tank. In fact, a lot of Tamers, he can solo. However, there is always a secondary pet to compliment him. Mechanical Yeti is used VS a lot of fights because he is strong VS beasts. Magical Crawdad is used to back up Idol on almost every fight as he can solo a lot of tamers also, he has a strong attack VS Critters OR Elementals and his self heal, along with his shield and Anub’s Sandstorm shuts down most tamers. The exceptions are heavy undead fights, where you will bring in your Rabbit and the fights where the Tamer has an Aquatic, the moth being superior for this.

To break it down:

VS Aquatic use Moth
VS Elementals/Critters use Crawdad
VS Beasts/Critters use Yeti
VS Dragonkin, Aquatic, certain Mechs use Idol
VS Weather Changers use Yeti, Idol as needed
VS Dots, multi attacks, small damage use Idol with Sandstorm
VS steady regular attacks use Idol Sandstorm then Crawdad Shielded
VS Undead use Rabbit
VS Nukes and nuke teams, use Idol Deflection, Rabbit Dodge

Tamers provide incredible Lowbie XP. You can level a lowbie per tamer fight and it will go: 1,10,15,18,21,23,24/25. 1-25 = 6 Tamers + a wild pet battle or two. See more later on all methods to do this VS every tamer.


First off, Beast of Fable fights are harder and do not provide the same XP as tamers. But they are safe. Farming No-no for charms is popular because you are safe from being ganked during it.
It is also a great way to level a character. At level 89, beating No-no grants 190K xp. From 65+ it is 2 hours per level, that includes 80-90...2 hours per level, safely and mindless, can do it while watching TV.
You use 2 Mini Mindslayers + Harbinger of Flame for this. These 3 pets (all cheap on AH 200-500 gold each) can wreck every beast of Fable. 2 Mini Mindslayers can farm No-no non stop and NEVER have to heal the pets (rarely heal...very rare). Also 2 Mini Mindslayers + Sunflower Pet can take No-no non stop without every needing to heal at all.


Use Mini #1 – Cast Life Exchange.

Use Mini #2 – Cast Life Exchange.

Use Harbinger of Flame, damage Beast to 1200 or lower (usually 1 hit), then use Impale to one shot the Beast of Fable from 1200 to dead.

This works well on every Beast of Fable, the ones who heal are the only ones who might slow you down.

To FARM No-no


Use Mini #1 – Cast Life Exchange.

Use Mini #2 – Cast Life Exchange.

Mini #2 – Cast Amplify Magic.

Mini #2 – Cast Mana Surge (3 Turn ability)

Mini #1 – Cast Amplify Magic.

Mini #2 – Cast Mana Surge (3 Turn ability)

If not dead, use Mini #1 – Mana Surge without Amp to finish her
You can add a lowbie in, even a level 1 as No-no will cast barrier or Dive on turn 1, 75% of the time.

You can use Harbinger. If No-no is in the “kill zone” of 1200 or lower and casts “Barrier” on a life exchange, then swap in your Harbinger, No-no hits barrier, then use impale, No-no hits barrier and Harbinger will one shot her. This method I usually do Life Exchange, Life Exchange, Surge of Magic, then pass turns until barrier and one shot with Harbinger.

How to Fight all the Beasts of Fable without (very little) Healing/Bandages:

If you are planning to routinely farm the Beasts of Fable and want the sure fire setup and rotation to make it as painless and to not have to heal or use bandages etc, and to avoid buying more than 1 Mini Mindslayer for them, you want to use:

* 1 Singing Sunflower
* 1 Mini Mindslayer
* 1 Harbinger of Flame


1) Start with Singing Sunflower. Cast Sunlight and then Photosynthesis.

2) Swap in Mini Mindslayer. Cast Life Exchange and then spam Eyeblast until the Beast is below 1850 life.

3) Swap in Harbinger of Flame and one shot the Beast with Impale.

4) If Impale misses, then cast Immolate and swap back in Singing Sunflower and repeat rotation as needed. You will need to cast each spell above, one time, then go for the Impale again. Now there are some Beasts which use evasion tech and healing so you sometimes need to adjust the plan accordingly, but this method will require you to not worry about healing you pets between fights more or less.

* NOTE: Dos-Ryga in Kun Lai Summit (the fish) is the exception to this. It is best to simply field 3 Moths against him and blast away. His attacks are powerful VS Mini Mindlslayers and he heals far too much if you try and use these tricks on him.

How to 2 VS 3 Every Tamer with a Level 1 Lowbie

Beating Tamers, because of their exaggerated level while using a level 1 lowbie will give you the highest chance of getting a Battle Stone at the end of the battle. Very often I have found my stones come this way and it seems it really ups the chance only if the level 1 lowbie + 2 25s is used. It is also an excellent way to level your low pets etc.

I have solved every tamer to use a level 1 pet and not have it die. I am going to now detail each tamer and the methods I developed:

Aki (Vale) is the highest PetLvL possible of any tamer. So she is a must do each day for stones. Also she gives 4K xp to a level 1, making it level 10 instantly. She is also one of the tamers that can be done 100% with a level 1. In reality, Anub can solo her if you are very good.

2 VS 3: Anubisath Idol, Moth
Solo: Anubisath Idol


1) Use Anub Idol as opening pet. Second pet is a Moth. Third is lowbie.

2) Chirrup is her starter, use Sandstorm first turn. Now swap in lowbie, it will take no damage. Then swap back in Anub and proceed to spam basic attack and sandstorm until Chirrup dies. Do not use deflection.

3) Next she uses Stormlash, use deflection first turn, cast sandstorm to cancel is lighting storm second turn then spam basic attack until it is dead.

4) Last she uses Whiskers. Use Anub and basic attack first turn (he dives), deflection second turn vs dive, sandstorm third turn (strong vs) then swap in moth and kill it.

Thundering Panda Spirit (Vale) is the hardest pet tamer to beat hands down with 2 vs 3, however, it is doable. I have yet to find any 2 pet combo other than Crawdad and Whelk that can handle this fight. Follow my process exactly.

Process (Rhapana Whelk, Magical Crawdad):

1) Use lowbie first. TPS will use a stun move that does no damage always as first turn. Swap lowbie.

2) Use Rhapana Whelk. Whelk will eat a Rupture on the swap but even if it gets stunned, because it is a critter, it will not matter. Now shield, then Absorb, then Dive in that exact order. Now just keep Shield up and cast Dive on CD, otherwise Absorb and with RNG on your side, you will kill him with your Whelk alive.

3) Next comes Sludgy. Sludgy is going to open with a big attack but we are going to sacrifice our Whelk to eat this anyhow. Do as much damage as possible to him before you die. Swap in Crawdad, Shield, Snap and then Wish. Now just keep Shield up, Snap away at him and Wish on CD until he is dead. It is very important to play “tank” setup going into the third pet, so what you need to do is get Sludgy lower than 200 HP, then rotate until you manage to use wish to heal to full as you land the killing blow. Having some charges on shield left is good, but it is critical you kill him as a Wish lands healing you up to full HP before starting Darnak. This is also kinda RNG and might make a judgement call. Basically if you can take down Sludgy with a decent HP pool and shield up, you probably should, as he will wear you down over time.

4) The last pet Darnak will cast Sheild as his first move. Do not underestimate this guy, he has some pretty strong attacks. We need to time our moves into his dive as well so we do not waste attacks. If Wish is ready use it. We need to keep the pressure on this guy to beat him. We want to also time his Dives so that we Wish or Shield on his dives. He will Shield, Dive then Blast you hard. Then he will skip a turn as he won’t need a fresh shield and his other attacks are on CD. He will then refresh Shield when it has 1 stack and use his other powers when they are ready. Basically he goes: Shield, Dive, Big Attack, Skip, Shield, Dive and so on. Learning his rotation will help you finish him properly. Basically on his second turn he will dive, so i always cast Shield on turn 2, attack any other turn and also Wish on CD. Some fights are so close, he kills my Crawdad with his big attack but his hp are low and he kills himself with the attack (does damage to him also), and I win because my lowbie is alive still.

This fight is very RNG prone and will take a few tries and honestly it is not the best fight to level a lowbie. I usually skip it or fight him 3 VS 3 using a Yeti on Darnak as my third pet.

Yishi (Valley of the Four Winds) is quite easy to beat using a variety of pets, but Crawdad and Mech Yeti make it a joke.

Process (Magical Crawdad, Tranquil Mechanical Yeti):

1) Siren is first. Start with Crawdad and use Whirlpool. Then swap in Lowbie. Swap back in Crawdad and proceed to Surge and Whirlpool on CD until it dies.

2) On Toothbreaker, use Crawdad. Cast Shield. Cast Whirlpool. Cast Shield. Now Surge and Whirlpool until he dies.

3) For Brood of Mothran swap in Yeti. Use SuperCharge, Call Lightning, Metal Fist until dead.

Wastewalker Shu (Dread Wastes) is fairly easy but can provide a problem with lowbie if you are not smart about how you handle it because of Pounder’s AOE damage. Typically though, Pounder Casts Sandstorm and provided you do not override it with another weather effect and your lowbie is not an elemental, you will have no problem with it dying in the backrow from the AOE.

Process (Magical Crawdad, Moth):

1) Crusher is first. Start with Lowbie because he will cast Renewing Mist turn 1, then swap in a Moth. Destroy him ASAP using Slicing Wind.

2) Now VS Pounder, swap in your Crawdad and proceed to Shield, Wish and Surge until he is dead. With his Sandstorm going and your shield, he will do very little to you and you should have your Crawdad at full HP when he dies or a Wish ready.

3) Against Mutilator, just cast Wish on CD, keep Shield up and zerg him down with Surge and if he dies, you can finish him with the moth.

Seeker Zushi (Townlong Steppes) is another fairly easy Master Tamer. He does require a timed Lowbie swap however.

Process (Magical Crawdad, Anubisath Idol):

1) Diamond is first. Start with your Crawdad and Shield, Surge, Wish, Zerg Surge him down. However, he does do some AOE, so spam Surge and wait to Shield and Wish once he is dead to stop the AOE hitting your backrow Lowbie.

2) Mollus is next. Because he dives turn 2, we will do a Lowbie swap as follows, cast shield. Now swap lowbie in and Mollus dives. Now swap Crawdad in and Wish, Surge and continue to Surge him down but keep Shield up and Wish on CD until Mollus dies.

3) Skimmer is last and despite him being an Aquatic, Anub Idol is best. Cast Sandstorm on CD and attack with normal attack with the exception that whenever possible, block his powered up attack with deflection. He powers up one turn then launches it, so it is easy to avoid every second one. Other than that, Idol kills him easily because Sandstorm is strong vs Aquatics. Also, Sandstorm is used to wipe out his Cleansing Rain so he does not get the 25% bonus to damage against you while launching a charged attack and one shotting you. Moths tend to get destroyed by this guy. If Idol should die, you can easily mop him up with Crawdad.

Burning Pandaren Spirit (Townlong Steppes) can be a little hard at times but...

Process (Magical Crawdad, Anubisath Idol):

1) First up is Crimson and we are going to start with Anubisath Idol and do the following rotation: Sandstorm, Crush (miss) and then Deflection. Then spam Crush and make sure you Deflect his Lift-Off. A level 1 Lowbie may die in the backrow to his Cyclone, kinda RNG on a level 1, anything else should be ok. Try to refresh Sandstorm as your killing blow. This is huge for the next pet.

2) Pandaren Fire Spirit is next. Swap to Crawdad and Wish, Shield and start spamming Surge into him. However, it is critical to be able to cast Wish and swap in Idol for the Wish to land to heal him for third pet. So just Zerg Surge him. This sometimes fails to work, but that is why this one is a little tricky. You probably need to save Wish for Idol, but it does not matter as Crawdad’s job is to kill the Fire spirit and he is done for the day.

3) Glowy comes in, you cast Wish and swap in Idol. Cast Sandstorm into his Swarm. Swap in lowbie who will take zero damage from swarm. Swap it out for Idol. Kill Glowy.

Courageous Yon (Kun Lai Summit) is a joke with Anub Idol soloing them all. Easy Trainer.

Process (Anubisath Idol):

1) Piqua is first. Start with Anub Idol and cast Sandstorm, Crush and deflect his Lift Off. Then swap in Lowbie, swap back in Idol and start hammering him down using Sandstorm on CD and Crush spam. Save Deflection for his Lift-Off.

2) Lapin is next. Stupid Rabbit! Tricks are for kids. Sandstorm on CD, Spam Crush and Deflection vs his burrow until he dies.

3) Last is Bleat and other than spamming Crush and using Sandstorm on CD, you want to Deflect his Chew Grass.

Whispering Pandaren Spirit (Jade Forest) is fairly straight forward, can be a little RNGish but it requires precision play, you must execute the plan perfectly Vs this Tamer or you will lose.

Process (Magical Crawdad, Anubisath Idol):

1) First up is Dusty. Start with Anub Idol and cast Deflection first. Then Crush into his Cocoon Strike. Then Sandstorm. He usually skips fourth turn cause all his stuff is on So he goes Moth Dust, Cocoon Strike, Moth Balls, Skip. Just time your deflect against his Moth Dust, turn 1,5 etc. You basically run, Deflection, Crush, Sandstorm, Crush against him until he dies. Also you will do your Lowbie swap into his 4th turn as he will skip the turn, then bring in Crawdad, pop Wish and bring in Anub. However, if your lowbie is strong enough to eat the very first Moth Dust and live, then just start with him and swap in idol, to save doing the tricky triple swap.

2) Next is the Dragon Whispertail. Try and dodge as many Slicing Winds as you can (uses on third turn) and keep Sandstorm up while beating him down with your Crush. Keep in mind that even though he is a Dragon, his attacks are all flying attacks and are strong VS the Crawdad. So it is important to finish him with the Idol and try to finish him with a Sandstorm as the final enemy pet will not benefit from it but Crawdad will.

3) Last is the Whispering Pandaren Spirit. Crawdad will have Sandstorm active and might need to pop Wish right away. Then Shield. Then Surge zerg the enemy until it dies. The Spirit always casts Soothing Mists first so its a no-hit free round. Typically means you can get the Wish heal off no matter how low your Crawdad was from the triple swap. Even though 2 of his attacks are strong VS Aquatic, you should have Sands and Shield up for 5 rounds of Surging, followed by a Wish and finish him off without having much trouble at all. Keep the pressure on him cause he is healing but do not forget to Wish on CD. Keep Shield up and play him like a tank. After each Wish, evaluate if you can zerg him down before he kills you but remember to account for his healing he is getting each round. If Crawdad does die, Anub can finish him off if you managed to zerg into hard enough.

Hyuna of the Shrines (Jade Forest) is quite easy provided you know the rotations involved.

Process (Anubisath Idol, Tranquil Mechanical Yeti):

1) Start with Anub Idol vs the first pet Skyshaper. Open with Sandstorm and just beat him down with Crush using Sandstorm on CD.

2) Fangor is next. Swap in Mech Yeti and use Supercharge, Call Lightning and then Metal Fist him until he dies.

3) Dor the Wall comes last. He has a very specific rotation but there are two ways it goes. Basically he is going to use some kind of weird combo of Shield, Heal, Shield, Big Attack but sometimes he might go Big Attack, Shield, Shield, Heal. Whichever rotation he uses, he will then use every time. As soon as soon as you know his rotation, sub in Anub Idol and cast Sandstorm to clear the Call lightning. Now using deflection vs his big attack is the key here. How this plays out is up to you, as you can never lose. But you are going to need to sub your lowbie into his Shield, Shield, Heal rotation as well as make sure you are able to maintain deflecting his big attack with Anub. Other than that, keep it up as your Sandstorm is strong vs him and just run him out of life. It can be tough to wear him down since his Shield + your Sandstorm and his healing will be tanking hard vs you. I also will just go for it, eating his big attack so I can Crush him into it once my Idol’s HP are above 600. Basically, the rule is, if Idol HP > 600, then Crush instead of Deflect vs his attack. As well, I will sub Yeti in right after his heal if it has him still lower than half HP and Supercharge, Call lightning, Metal Fist and often kill him or close to it, especially if Yeti has a fair amount of HP left. Again, you cannot lose provided you just keep deflecting his attack, it simply takes a while to wear him down with Idol.

Mo’Ruk (Karasang Wilds) can be hard and you may have to have the RNG Gods not work against you on this fight. This fight requires using a rotation between the pets to work all 3 down.

Process (Magical Crawdad, Anubisath Idol):

1) Against Woodcarver, use Anub Idol and open with Sandstorm, then swap in Lowbie as Woodcarver will dive on turn 2. Then bring in Crawdad and Shield. Now run Surges against him using Wish to heal as necessary. Further, you should find while Sandstorm and Shield are both active, you are taking very little damage and can swap in Anub provided you toss a Wish up before the swap to heal up Anub vs any damage he takes on the swap. Cast Sandstorm again and if it is a burrow, stick around to Deflect it, otherwise get the Crawdad back in, Shield, Surge and heal as necessary.

2) Against Lightstalker, because all his attacks are strong VS Crawdad, swap out Crawdad for Idol asap. You will eat the Moth Dust with Idol, and you hope he does not fall asleep. Assuming you got good RNG, you should Sandstorm and then Reflect. Now use Sandstorm and Deflection on CD and basically Anub is on a suicide mission against the Moth, trying to bring him as low as possible so that if Anub dies, then Crawdad comes in and Surges finishing the moth off. If Anub lives, all the better.

3) When Needleback, the last pet comes in, use Anub if he is alive to do any damage he can before he dies. You should be now bringing a full HP Crawdad in and pop Shield, Wish and start surging. Do not use Wish, however until you are at 75% HP on the Crawdad. Playing it tight and keeping Shield up and Wish use on CD, you should finish off Needleback with the Crawdad no problem.

Flowing Pandaren Spirit (Dread Wastes) is pretty simple if you follow my rotations and Deflection against the timed bombs, but it can be a tough one to win with a level 1 Lowbie surviving. He has 2 pets that AOE the back row and even with Sandstorm up, the Lowbie can take 50 points per AOE.

Process (Magical Crawdad, Anubisath Idol):

1) Marley is up first. Use Lowbie first. Marley will cast for his first turn. Swap in Anubisath Idol Deflection, Sandstorm. Then Crush. Deflection to mitigate his Whirlpool and Crush and Sandstorm as needed to finish him.

2) Next is Tiptoe and he is not very threatening. You can work a Crawdad heal swap if you feel you need it at this point as well. Continue to maintain Sandstorm, use Crush to work him down, and Deflection as needed VS his Water Jet. But you must keep pressure on him or he will Tidal wave your lowbie in the back row until it dies. It is fine to suicide Anub into this pet and even forgo Deflection as burning him down is critical. Deflect the shots he powers up.

3) When the Flowing Pandaren Spirit comes in, if Anub is alive, then keep him in so you can deflect is stacking bombs of whirlpool and geyser and do some damage, then swap to Crawdad and Surge burn him until dead. Do not stop to heal or shield, just Surge zerg him so he does not AOE down your back row lowbie.

Bloodknight Antari (Shadowmoon Valley, Outlands) is fairly easy and just requires you playing smart with Anub Idol and Crawdad. There is a timed Lowbie swap as well on his third pet.

Process (Magical Crawdad, Anubisath Idol):

1) Arcanus just spams nonsense and is not a big deal really. Sandstorm, Crush and burn him down. I do not bother with Deflection with him. If bad RNG, pull a swap with Crawdad and heal Anub.

2) Jadefire is best handled with Crawdad, using Shield and with Sandstorm up, makes him quite a joke, and zerg burn him down with Surge. Don’t heal Crawdad, save wish for when Jadefire dies, cast Wish and bring back in Anub Idol who should be pretty full HP after the heal.

3) Netherbite will cast Soul Ward, then Dodge followed by Nether Blast. So attack 3 times into his 3 Nether Blasts, then swap in Lowbie and he will Soul Ward again, swap back in Idol and burn him down with Crush.

Obalis (Uldum, Kalimdor) is going to feature once again Anub Idol and Crawdad, but we are changing both basic attacks to Demolish and Snap respectively.

Process (Magical Crawdad, Anubisath Idol):

1) Pyth is first. Use Anub Idol, hit him with Sandstorm, then spam Demolish until RNG facerolls him.

2) Spring is next and we will use Demolish, Deflection then Sandstorm. Continue to time your Demolish into his Cocoon Strike, Deflection into his Moth Dust and spam Demolish until he dies.

3) When Clatter comes in, he will cast Apocalypse first, so we sub in our Lowbie, then swap in Crawdad. Cast Shield then zerg him down with Claw until he dies.

Lydia Accoste (Deadwind Pass, Eastern Kingdoms) is a total joke really. Level 19 pets...really no challenge here but anyhow...

Process (Magical Crawdad, Rabbit):

1) Start with Crawdad against Jack. Spam Surge until he dies.

2) Bishibosh, simply attack once with Surge, then swap Lowbie and he will Wild Magic, then Swap in Rabbit and STAMPEDE!!! If he is dead and UD racials, use dodge. If not, then finish him with Flurry and then dodge.

3) Nightstalker is next. Guess what?!? STAMPEDE!!! Finish him with Flurry and then Dodge into is UD racial and watch him die.

Stone Cold Trixxy (Winterspring, Kalimdor) knows NO tricks. Anub Idol or Crawdad could solo her, but hey that is not as much fun as WRECKING her face with 2 pets that destroy...muahahaha. Take Rupture for this fight on Anub Idol as we won’t be deflecting...

Process (Anubisath Idol, Tranquil Mechanical Yeti):

1) First up is Tinygos. Start with Anub Idol. Rupture, then spam Crush until it rolls over dead.

2) Frostmaw enter. Now pass the turn, then swap in Lowbie, he will Prowl on Turn 2, then Swap in Yeti and Supercharge followed by Call Lightning for the ONE shot Smile

3) Blizzy steps up, just beat the tar out of him with your Metal Fist! Ya...power! Yum!


Major Payne (Icecrown, Northrend) is a MAJOR PAIN INA AZZ! But if you follow my guide, I promise it will be payneless. No but truthfully, you will really know the awesome power of the Anub Idol, Magical Crawdad team once you pull off a 2 VS 3 on this guy. Hands down, hardest thing in PVE pet battles currently. Many people complain about winning this fight with 3 pets let alone 2 with a lowbie. This one takes skill and some amount of RNG in your favour and not in Major Payne’s favour.
This fight to win 2 VS 3 simply needs to be looked at like a “raid” boss with phases.

Process (Magical Crawdad, Anubisath Idol):

1) Phase 1 starts with Grizzle. He is a beast type and does moderate damage but nothing uncontrollable. One power is Rampage which does damage over three turns as well he uses Bash. Bash is a stun. His worst ability is Hibernate. Hibernate puts him to sleep for 3 rounds and heals him progressively and for a lot over the three turns. It is comparable if not better to Crawdad’s heal.

He has two rotations. Bash, RampageX3, HibernateX3 or RampageX3, Bash, Hibernate X3.

So what we do is start with Crawdad and try to Shield. If it is Bash, it might miss or we may dodge it and Shield will be up. If it is Rampage, then Shield is up. If it is Bash and we are stunned, then we pass turn, cast Shield, cast Wish, get healed and swap Lowbie into Hibernate and then swap in Anub. If it is Rampage, we have Shield cast, we cast Wish, then Surge as Wish heals us and swap in Lowbie to eat stun, swap in Anub to his Hibernate.

Either method ends up with Anub in place during round 1 or 2 of Hibernate, both our pets at full HP and Lowbie swap completed. Grizzle will also be at full HP.

2) Phase 2 is going to be killing Grizzle. Our method is done with a simple process. We are using Demolish, which hits very hard VS beasts but has RNG 50%. We have 3 rounds to basically know if we connected in our RNG favour before we have to back pedal to healing up and trying again. Chain Demolish into him and passing when stunned. Do not use Rupture or Sandstorm yet. If the Demolishes are connecting, great we get him low enough to kill him with a Sandstorm. However, by the time we kill him, we are going to be hurting.

Note: you need to judge whether you are getting the job done or not. If you feel it was bad RNG, IE: Missed 2 Demolish in a row, then immediately swap in Crawdad for first round of Hibernate, cast Wish, swap in Idol, Wish heals Idol, swap back in Crawdad, run a modified rotation attempting to again have Crawdad healing up as Hibernate begins again a second time and swap back in the Idol. You basically can reset Grizzle this way getting both your pets healed back full and running the Idol train back into his Hibernate like you first attempted and hope you have better RNG this attempt. You can actually repeat this forever until you nail him.

3) Phase 3 is when Beakmaster X-255 comes in on our Anub Idol. We rupture him right away and then proceed to Demolish unless Sandstorm is up, then we use that again. With a little luck you will seriously hurt Beakmaster before Anub Idol dies. When Anub is dead, our Crawdad comes in, full HP with a Sandstorm in effect. Cast Shield. Cast wish. Now Surge and hopefully finish him off before he dents you too bad.

4) Phase 4 is when things calm down. The Elemental Vine comes in and we simply refresh Shield when necessary, cast Wish on CD and Surge zerg into the Vine.

5) And that is how you can beat Major Payne with two pets and a Lowbie, probably one of the hardest PVE Pet Battle things in the game currently to master. I have tried many many ways to 2 VS 3 Major Payne and this is the only method that works with any reliability. In fact, almost everything else I tried totally destroyed me.

Hope this helps and I will try to update it with more etc. Any Questions, Ask Pwn in game.

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  Tue 16 Apr 2013 - 6:44  #
Thanks Pwn, this is REALLY useful!
Bloodscalp TrollBloodscalp Troll

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  Tue 16 Apr 2013 - 12:04  #
Definitely an awesome guide, Guild Pet Battle Master Pwn. Maybe should be moved to the General category even though it is PVE pet battles? ^_^

I haven't gotten my 2 moths to lvl 25 as of yet, but it is definitely going very well at the moment. I will hopefully have them fully leveled on the weekend. Thanks for all the help.


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  Wed 17 Apr 2013 - 18:39  #
What is this upgrade stone i keep reading about?

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  Wed 17 Apr 2013 - 19:51  #
Gruumsh44 wrote:
What is this upgrade stone i keep reading about?

Flawless Battle-Stone or Polished Battle-Stone for example.

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  Thu 18 Apr 2013 - 7:03  #
Upgrade stones can be pruchased on AH, called: Flawless Battle Stone and can upgrade any pet to Rare/Blue quality. It is a rare drop from Pet Battle Daily Quests and from all forms of Pet Battles except Beasts of Fable. Win you win a pet battle, incuding PVP, you might get one...but it is very rare.

The other upgrade stones are "type" specific so like "Aquatic Battle Stone" which could be used on an Aquatic pet. But they are BOP and also can be won or found in bags. Also rare.

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  Thu 18 Apr 2013 - 11:49  #
Wow, amazing guide!
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