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 15,000ms on EU servers isnt funny.....

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  Tue 24 Sep 2013 - 3:33  #

My name is Ari (you know, entourage....Ari-Gold) and I just set up my CN WOW (Coming form EU servers) and would love to NOT have 15,000ms (as of last night). I pre ordered MOP but never got to it until now. First off thnx a lot for the guides on the web for doing everything from account creation to the client (i think i can improve on it since i saw no taobao CN recharge, which is what i did).

I used to be on Frostmane (Mainly a Swedish realm on EU) and did lots of cata raiding (Realm first for DW raids and all) and arena. I used to be a hardcore gamer but now in Uni (studying engineering) im more of a social player (do casual raids and BGs). My main was a warlock and since i just started MOP its not 90 yet :Dwell 2-3 bars from 90.

I'd love to join TCW as I (as ignorant as it sounds) can't speak mandarin at all after being here for years.

I've already talked to some nice people like Noypi (who kindly gave me his config/WTF file over wow chat) and Malmyr who told me to post here as well instead of haunting the /who list! plus Steven who just, as im writing this, added me to the wechat channel Very Happy

I'm roaming around with a lvl 1 pally right now on Altrec with a semi offensive name (which wil change once i settle on a main...agian...for the 3rd time since vanilla...sigh) called Holizcowz...yes, tauren pally.

15,000ms on EU servers isnt funny.....

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