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 Hello, again I guess

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  Thu 26 Sep 2013 - 7:57  #
Well, this last year has been god aweful, Ive felt like wall.
I first came to China in 2011, I worked for EFJinzhou, I quite liked it but knew
I was on the bottom rung of the teaching ladder, I was told to try another
EF so I moved in 2012 and tried a place a little bigger, EFShenyang.
A big mistake, I left there after 2 months, moved to a new school with a CM
who was so incompetant he even though working for the goverment cost the
school 50'000 in fines, he was unceremoniously fired and changed his name, I
was nearly deported and the school nearly had to close. This has all happened
in the last 2-3 months so I have been pretty stressed.
I'm still fighting EFShenyang for 2000 they didnt pay me, calling it a visa
I just found out that the girls who work in my current school and have left did
so because the owner is a dirty old man who will only promote if personal
favours are done (you know what I mean).
All in all this last year has been pretty shitty.
I am aiming to find a new job in the new year and hope to have a better
working shedule so I can get some constant gaming time. I do want to play
but I spend so much time working at the moment I barely have time to do
ANyway, I would like some peoples advice/input,
I currently work or am available;
Monday -DnD group till late so maybe a couple of hrs like 11-1am ish
Tuesday - 1-9 pm work so morning or 10-1 is, same on Wednesdays
Thursday 11-7 work so I can be on from 8 till late
Friday - morning spent shopping n other junk or just sleeping so this is my main play day
Saturday and sunday - 11-7 work so a few hours 8-12 ish
As you can see, though I only work 40 hrs a week it is spread so that I cant do much,
would love to do just 9-5s
My other problem is that when I log in on sayge I just look at the character and my
mind goes blank, I get too overwhelmed with what I need to do.
I forgot how to druid nerd 
I player a feral tank back in tbc and I think I would be better as resto, I was
thinking of doing the quests in the last zone as feral then instance grinding for
resto gear, I have no idea about what to do for the rest though.
I was going to use the character as a farmbot for herbs and ore (maxed out on both)
and then make a Dk for farming cloth and leather, I dont mind doing this either ^^
dks are pretty easy to play and soloing old content is pretty awesome.
after that I have no real plan, I do want to raid but my working shedule isnt
really that forgiving.
Advice anyone? ^^ Will be appreciated.
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Character in WOW
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  Fri 27 Sep 2013 - 4:37  #
Hey Lypstic,

It has been a while since I've seen you around, and it sounds like its been for a very good reason...Ouch. In so far as the job goes, I think working in a bigger city is far safer as the schools tend to be under closer supervision from their head offices, so it may be worth considering. A 9-5 job as an ESL teacher probably requires you to teach at a school or university rather than at a private ESL school, though. So the possibility is there for something good. Anyway, I wish you good luck in finding a good job in the near future.

For the scheduling issues, it really depends what you want to do. There are almost always a few people online in TCW, so regardless on when you sign in, there is someone to talk to and group up with. If you also enjoy PVP, arena is a possibility almost anytime, but rbgs require set times and are currently running on Tues/Thurs evenings. Therefore, you may be able to join those sometimes. For raiding, the guild has a Flex raid on Saturday nights which you'd be able to join once you have a little gear (ilvl 510 or so is recommended).

Regarding playing your druid, getting gear is actually now extremely easy thanks to the introduction of the Timeless Isle. Just by going through dailies, opening chests and killing the mobs, you can get a full set of ilvl 496 gear in a couple of hours of play as well as one piece of ilvl 535 gear (or more if you're lucky). You can even get gear for other specs and alts the same way as the drops are BoA. There is also a relatively simple world boss to beat which gives some nice gear. At that gear level, the new LFR is also open to you. In addition, you can occasionally get ilvl 516 gear from Heroic Scenarios (3-man group to join)

So do not despair regarding playing WoW. It's easier than ever to get your gear up to a respectable level. Hope to see you in game again soon.


Posts : 21
Joined : 2013-03-12

  Fri 22 Nov 2013 - 13:01  #
Thanks for the suggestions, I think im best off chest huntin on the timeless Isle, I tried doing the entry tour quest n got ganked back past the entrance, nice to see they still have no scruples
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Hello, again I guess

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