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 Just hit level 90, how to get gear! PVE

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  Wed 19 Feb 2014 - 20:07  #
So you just hit level 90 and dont know how to get gear?

This is for new players only and for PVE gear. As I believe most people read this forum mostly to find out how to play Cwow in English and are mostly new to Cwow this will help a bit, as these people generally have not played Wow for a while and dont know all how to gear up in MoP.

This will set you up for the Legendary Cloak, ilevel 496, how to get tokens for rerolls (basically a second chance at getting another item at a bosses' loot table) and thus get ready for flex gear difficulty.

For PVP ilvl550 gear simply go to do bugged empty pre-made random battlegrounds, which are are called 空肠PJ, 空肠 for empty and PJ for premade battleground. With the advent of season 15 ilvl 550 gear, its now simply easier to just get CP if you can get it fast, but if you do not care for looking for bugged battlegrounds for a long period of time this will help you still.

Shrine of Two Moons (10MIN)

First go to the Shrine of Two Moons, which is at Vale of Eternal Blossoms. To get to the Vale you need to have finished the quest chain starting with Temple of the White Tiger, a quest in Kunlai Summit starting area, or by having a friend fly you there with a two seater mount or through a mage portal.

Take the pop up quest by Lorewalker Cho Journey to the Timeless Isle quest. Purchase flying in Pandaria. Go inside the Shrine of Two Moons and pick up the Legendary quest Stranger in a Strange Land. Go outside of the Vale to Sunwalker Dezco and pick up the two quests Meet the Scout (Part of Legendary quest) and Thunder Calls (Part to open up dailies in Isle of Thunder).

Then pick up the Warforged Seals quest.

Now go to the Veiled Stair where Wrathion is waiting for you have a drink and get the Sigil and Rep grind quests.

Timeless Isle (1 hour or so without getting ganked and most of the elite mobs are cleared)

Some background on timeless isle and what your doing:

Here at timeless isle you can gather small treasure chests which have the potential to give ilevel 496 items (everything except weapons although I never gathered the neckpiece ever but other people did). Those boxes can only be gotten once per character and they can drop armor tokens that may or may not suit your class (but generally will drop 90% items suited for your class). You will get one guaranteed Burden of Eternity when your done picking up all your boxes, save that for Timeless Signet. Generally dont use all those armor token until your finished with this isle so you can save some repair costs as you might die alot, either due to the mobs being quite hard hitting for a below ilevel 500 char or through the many alliance if your on Alterac for example (you cannot do these boxes in a raid/xrealm, but you can in a party crossrealm this area, so its not in Alterac).

Go to Timeless isle using the Curious Bronze Timepiece. Pick up and do all the introductory quests, one at Huojin Landing and the rest in the middle of the island at The Celestial court (explore isle, eat timeless nutritents etc). At the timeless isle your primary objective will be to follow these coordinates and pick up the treasure boxes:

Addons to install: TomTom and Paste

For an indepth guide to what Iam gonna do here read this article:

Mmo Champion Timeless Isle Guide

But otherwise simply install the two addons above and paste these coordinates in.

Quote :
/way 58.6, 60.3 Gleaming Crane Statue weekly
/way 54, 47.2 Drop from hanging ropes weekly
/way 49.8, 69.4 Hop across pillars weekly
/way 47, 26.8 Blazing Chest Burden of Eternity
/way 59.9, 31.4 Ordon Lake
/way 69.8, 33 Second T3
/way 53.8, 78 First T3
/way 28.2, 31.2 LONG Albatross ride
/way 26.6, 65 Short Albatross ride
/way 46.6, 32.4 Underground
/way 59.2, 49.4 Behind cave-in
/way 64.6, 70.2 Gulp Frogs
/way 61.6, 88.6 Sunken ship
/way 52.8, 63
/way 53, 70.8
/way 49.8, 65.8
/way 60.4, 66.2
/way 65, 75.6
/way 63.8, 59.2
/way 65.6, 47.8
/way 58, 50.8
/way 55.6, 44.4
/way 51.2, 46
/way 46.8, 46.8
/way 47, 53.7
/way 44.2, 65.2
/way 43.6, 84
/way 34.8, 84.4
/way 39.8, 79.6
/way 38.8, 71.6
/way 35.4, 76.4
/way 31, 76.3
/way 26.8, 68.8
/way 22.2, 68
/way 25.7, 45.8
/way 24.8, 53
/way 22.2, 49.2
/way 22.4, 35.4
/way 30.8, 36.4
/way 27.4, 39
/way 25.4, 27
/way 36.6, 34
/way 24.8, 38.8
/way 26, 61.6
/way 29.8, 31.8

Collect all these boxes. Some of them you require to fly to the locations, this is done by getting a Highwind Albatross. The best way to catch one is at the Celestial court. Only 100% HP undamaged Highwind Albatrosses will allow you to tag them and then carry you. If you have gotten all of them you should get an achievement that way you know you got all of them.

Once you have gotten all the boxes and done some of the introductory quest on timeless isle you should have around 6000-8000 timeless coins. At the Celestial Court Mistweaver Ai will allow you to exchange 1000 timeless coins for 1 Mogu Rune of Fate. Get as many as you can.

These Mogu Runes of Fate will allow you to reroll on any Throne of Thunder raid bosses (LFR ilvl502) AGAIN, essentially giving you a second chance to get loot from this boss.


Now your almost done, press O for your friend list, but go to the RAIDS tab and click on OTHER RAIDS in this section. Here you can find alot of raids you cannot find through your dungeon finder tab (I), such as flex difficulty gear (ilvl 540), World bosses etc. We are specifically going to look for the World bosses->Celestials. Tick it and press "List name" and wait to get invited. Waiting for it should generally take less than 5 min at any time of the day except maybe 5am in the morning. Finish the Celestials boss (its those 4 Ox, Crane, Tiger, Dragon bosses in Celestial Court) to have a chance at two tier pieces Gloves + Leggings of "normal" level gear (ilevel 553). Besides these two tier pieces this boss will drop also 528 LFR level gear or mostly 522 PVP gear. Hope for the two tier pieces. Remember to do this boss once per week every week till you have both tier sets as its an easy and quick way of getting a chance at this gear. Reset is every Thursday morning 3AM, Raids are later around 8AM, but dungeons and world bosses are 3AM.

After all this if your lucky you might have a full set of ilevel 496 gear. Use the Burden on Timeless Signet if you can if not use it on Timeless Cloak, since you cannot use it on Trinkets and all other pieces can be easily replaced later.

Now head back to Shrine of Two moons and pick up the quest Heroic Deeds. This quest can only be picked up once you have an ilevel 480 item equipped (Heroic Scenario ilvl req), thus you cannot pick it up before you visited Timeless Isle.

Krasarang Wilds (10 min)

Go do the Meet the Scout quest line here to open up Domination Point. This is required for the legendary quest later on, but it isnt really straightforward about what you have to do so might as well get it out early, plus it takes only 10 min.

Isle of Thunder (2 hours or so with the dailies)

Now go to Townlong Steppes to finish the Thunder Calls! quest. Finish all FIVE intro solo scenario chain quests following this to open up the Isle of Thunder, until you can see the dailies quests on the Isle of Thunder (you can see the some dailies earlier but ignore it). These daily quests will be your main way of getting Lesser Charms of Good Fortune of which 50 are required for the Warforged Seals quests. Lesser charms are possible from other dailies and as random drop, especially in Timeless Isle, but if your new and undergeared this is the best way to get it done easily and fast (10 min or so for all PVP dailies).

The PVP dailies give 19 Lesser Charms and 500ish honor together, so it will only take you two days most of the time to get 50, since you will get some from random mobs on the this isle and from timeless isle. Do this basically to fill 50 per week to finish the Warforged Seals, which give you a reroll, a second chance at all the items your eligibile for on Siege of Orgrimmar raid, the end tier raid of MoP (ilvl 528 if LFR, but these Seals can be used in any difficulty tier - LFR, FLEX, normal and heroic), which is essential for getting high end gear.

Now once the Isle of Thunder is open for you, you need to find a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen. This can be easily done through killing rares on the island, which respawn quite fast, but in your current ilvl you probably need help. You might have to kill 2-3 rare for it to drop, generally I never needed to kill more than 3, so an approx 33% drop chance. It can drop from any mob in on the thunder isle though, but rares are better. Or you can find treasure troves that are scattered on the map, but its not guaranteed in those troves either.

Once you have this key go to Taoshi, and queue for the solo scenario. Once inside the solo scenario you need to talk to Taoshi again to start it, this is a 5min scenario where you have to simply avoid traps to get through this dungeon whilst being able to loot treasure chests which has gold, Elder Charms of  Good Fortune, and various other small items that can get your rep with Sunreaver Offensive if turned in. The most important thing you want is Elder Charms. These will give you a chance of reroll in any ilvl 476-483 raid which are the Mogushan vaults, Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Springs raids. Any treasure chests in this solo scenario will have a high chance of getting you such Elder charms and in 5 min you should be able to loot anything between 10-20 of those since 20 is the maximum you can carry on you. Get on the ledge of the walls to the left or right and follow those ledges to avoid most traps in the middle. Lots of chests are on the ledges of these walls and above so you can stay in the first room since the other rooms have more sophisticated traps and mobs. Simply open as many as you can within 5 minutes.

Lastly, for the reputation farms on the Black Prince, go to middle of the isle of thunder on Diremoor where there are all the mogu stone statues and farm the rep there, best in a group since rep has no diminishing return with more people and you will need exalted status with the black prince at some point for the legendary cloak.

If you followed this you should have now approximately:

10-20 Elder Charms of Good Fortune [ilvl 476-483 rerolls] - Use them freely, the only reason you need these is due to that timeless isle doesnt give you weapons, more than one trinket and you generally come out not having any necklace and sometimes rings. Run all the LFR raids, and roll this esp on trinkets and weapon bosses that you see via Atlas addon.

6-8 Mogu Runes of Fate -Use these sparingly since you can only get this many in the first time and ther eare 13 bosses in ToT, best on bosses with weapons suitable for you, trinkets bosses and tier item bosses.

These two above are one time only farm, the Elder Charms and Mogu Runes since besides complementing your ilvl496 timeless gear you wont be looking at running these raids again but just SoO raids- LFR/Flex/Normal, its just to get you geared really fast without looking at Gold runs.

3 Warforged Seals [ilvl 528 LFR, 540 flex, 553 normal, 559 norm warforged, 566 heroic, 572 heroci warforged] - These seals are the used for any SoO raid difficulties, Celestials and Ordos (requires legend cloak). I suggest when you first start out to use 1 seal on Celestials, 1 Seal on Garrosh and the last seal on any other Tier item boss with a weapon you can use. Do this weekly until you get some gear then you can save them up to use it potential Gold raids.

Using all the above, with the rerolls, in the first week of raiding through the Raid Finder (i tab) you should hit at least ilvl 505ish. But do all the Raids since you need the Sigil for Legendary Quest, so do it from Guardians of Mogu Vaults down to Downfall. In the second week around 510 and generally by third week 520+. Once you have done LFR and are around 520 + ilevel you can start running flex, this can be accessed through the Other Raids tab where you can access 540 ilvls items. Then you need to go to normal and heroic raids, which are mostly Gold raids in China. Gold raids work out that most are 25 man raids, with 20 'workers' and 5ish 'buyers' or 'laoban'. These laobans generally wont dps, but will buy with gold item thats drop from bosses. If you can manage around 200k dps on each boss you will be eligible for a distribution of the total amount of gold that was gotten through auctioneering the drops. Drops generally start from 5k for accessories, 10k for normal gear and 15k for warforged gear. You can roll your seals on bosses, but until your at least 550ish ilevel your unlikely to ever make gold from this raids, so you need to have enough gold to buy gear or patiently roll your seals.

Just hit level 90, how to get gear! PVE

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