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For those who want to play World of Warcraft cheaper on the Chinese realms (in Chinese, English or other languages)
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 Horde Side 'English-Friendly' Guild Discovered: Violet

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Joined : 2014-08-02

  Sat 23 Aug 2014 - 13:46  #
Although (to my knowledge) there are no active English only guilds Horde-Side on the Taiwanese servers at the moment, Violet was more than willing to take me in and help me with the language barrier when needed. They are a small raiding guild created by Chinese-speaking Taiwanese players for foreigners, inviting primarily Chinese players from the mainland. Most guild members are bilingual, and the GM was eager to practice English with me in guild chat.

They are on 水晶之刺, but with realm connections, I was able to join with my character on wrathbringer ( 憤怒使者 ). If you're interested in joining to see the Horde side of MoP or WoD, send a /tell in english to any member that's online. My character is Ghouldilocks, and I'm usually online Friday nights.

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  Sat 20 Dec 2014 - 7:23  #
Hi Snowwight, after a long time without playing, living in HK now(originally from europe) i decided to get started again, play for fun on a server close to HK. Also no need to buy the whole game and such, very nice.

Anyway, i currently have a panda rogue 95 on Whisperwind, not sure what the chinese realm name is. Horde side. I dont mind doing a realm transfer, if the guild you mention is worth it. Better than the current situation where there's no english at all in any channels and any english messages sent out never get an answer..

I play for fun, like playing with others, dont mind at all helping younger players out. i only play a couple of hours per week, so not sure if they would accept me?
my character is Ninnja, panda rogue 95, item level ~538 atm. on Whisperwind TW


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Joined : 2014-08-02

  Sun 21 Dec 2014 - 19:12  #
Hey there!

I'm sure Violet would accept you. Overall, the guild is eager to try their English with anyone willing. Several of the realms have merged - I would check the in-game guild browser first to see if you can join the guild cross-server without a transfer before you pay for that. Gchat is primarily Chinese, though people will break into English if they know an English speaker is online. They're a PVE raiding guild primarily, but very friendly.

Send a /tell to 微風兒 in English if you decide to join. Feel free to mention Ghouldilocks recommended you to Violet. She's the GM, and will likely go out of her way to get you set up.

I'm afraid I won't be online to help you with the transfer personally, unless you're willing to wait until January 10th (China time). I'm back in the States for Christmas.

Alternatively (if you're looking for an all-English speaking guild) the only active option I know of is Coffeenottea (Alliance/Wrathbringer).

Either way, hope to see you soon! Smile
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Horde Side 'English-Friendly' Guild Discovered: Violet

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