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 Druid tips

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  Thu 15 Mar 2007 - 8:25  #
Druid tips:
*PVP against warrior- Outlast them, try to cast healing overtime spells on yourself then go bear on them, wait until you get about 1/3 life then bash(2sec stun) ,cast root(snare) heal yourself, cast Starfire if you have time and mana and go bear again. they will die eventually even if you're all blue and they have t2 gear.

*PVP against rogue, just go bear on them, they'll die even if they got T2 and you got blue. and 5level under. they'll need to blow all their cooldown to even have a chance at you.

*PVP against mage: just note these tips and formulate your own strategy.
1)they can't sheep you, you can morph out of it.
2)they can't snare you, you can morph out of it.
3)they can't run from you, you're faster than them.
4)cat do more damage and faster hit per second, each hit will make their cast time longer.

*PVP against warlock: run, just run, there's no chance 1 on 1.
if you're grouped, get a preist to heal you, a rogue to dps them, a warrior to tank and a mage for more dps and hope they die.

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  Thu 15 Mar 2007 - 9:55  #
priest... How do U do ?

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  Thu 15 Mar 2007 - 10:46  #
[...] *content removed by author* [...]


Come and join on Starcraft 2 as well =]

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  Thu 15 Mar 2007 - 16:36  #
Druid vs pally

Druid vs shaman

Shaman vs pally

very long battles...

Pally vs pally: the 2 players wil die irl much before one of their characters manage to win...

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  Thu 15 Mar 2007 - 19:28  #
Druid PVP cont'

*PVP against priest: if they know you're there i.e. in a duel it's more difficult, try to backstab them and go kitty, this is a general rule for fighting casters: go kitty. It's much like fighting warlocks, you will get most of your heals and spells interupt through fear and face melt. and you have no such advantage to interupt theirs'. a difficult fight indeed, so don't fight them on duels.

*PVP against shaman, go melee on them with bear it's a game of outlasting mana,
shaman NEED their mana to increase DPS- you don't. so go bear and save your rage, then regenerate HP with rage,
then use maul etc to increase your DPS.
when they try to heal- bash to interrupt if they're low hp go kitty to finish them off.
If they're doing considerable DPS-bash root run then heal yourself. Then continue as a bear.

*Mass PVP(BG/world):
In battlegound fights usually goes like this:-both groups are afraid to rush the other group and usualy a single paladin or warrior follow by some rogue stupid enough to follow them will rush in and die while caster cast spells long range on the groups.

As a druid it's never boring.
*You can go Kitty and stealth BEHIND the opposing group and wait for the caster to drink; and they WILL drink alot. when they are sitting both the rogue or druid's backstab has a 100% chance of crit.
choose your victim carefully, I perfer to target warlocks for the overpowerness that blizzard unfairly bestowed to them, the one without alot of mates nearby and are 1/2 hp . 2 hits should kill them. then turn travel form and run, by time their mate realize you're there you should be out of combat and ready to stealth again.
do that, morph kitty and stealth then repeat the process.

*You can play the role as a healer, heal the rushing warrior. by keeping him alive your group have a better chance at crushing the other group.

*You can try to piss the other group off by:
1) playing the long range caster role, cast your moonfire or wrath spells.
2)debuff the enemy with fairy fire
3)ROOT anyone that gets too close. I can't stress this enough, people really notice your root, it's more powerful than the hunter's mark. if you're a druid and on BG try it, it's like a death mark, the ones you root usually get kill first and fast.
4)Sleep the hunter's pet or feral druids Twisted Evil this really piss the hunters off.

*General tips for druid: Go feral, it's faster leveling and pvping and more fun to play with.
Get rogue gears increase AGI for lvling and pvp and Armor for tanking in dungeons and pvping rogues and warriors.
If you raid you'll eventually get gears that can tank Onyxia which makes you a prot. warrior but have much more DPS than them Smile

I've played mage,rogue,warrior,warlock,shaman and finally found the class that I will stick with: Druid, because if you like PVP you will love druid, it's never boring - there's so many ways to have fun. Smile Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

  Sun 20 May 2007 - 19:08  #
If you're out questing and you see a fellow mage or priest cast a buff on them, there's a chance it will proc one of their buff on you. lol

the chance is about 50%, don't bother doing it to warlocks, warrior, shaman or rogue, there will be no procs. lol
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  Sun 20 May 2007 - 20:04  #
hey, unfair, we can give a heal stone!! or make your breathe under water!!!

I remember faces easily, but I'll make an exception for you.
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  Mon 21 May 2007 - 7:54  #
The chance of that proc is much lower hehehehe about 1% or 2%

PVP tips against a warrior- swifting will clear expose armor or sunder armor debuff. But NEVER do it if you're close to a warrior's attack, they can easliy do 3000+ crit. you in caster form.
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Druid tips

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