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 Taiwan server or US Server

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  Fri 3 Aug 2007 - 15:54  #
Hi Guys, I've just arrived in Hong Kong w/ my family from the US and wanted to continue playin WoW. But bought the wrong prepaid card. I bought the Taiwan prepaid card instead of the US prepaid card.

I play in [US:Eredar] realm.

I have 2 choices, try to trade the card or start a new character in the Taiwan server.

Since most of my friends play in the US server, I'm a bit reluctant to move over to the Taiwan server and start a new character. If ever I do start, which realm should I choose, which preferably would have a huge foreign community. I couldn't understand the website and don't know how to navigate around it to create an account.

I've got a card that has the number "90" on it, which I assume is 90 days (I've no idea) but it cost me HKD$275 (USD$35).

I'm willin' to trade this Taiwan key for a US key. I'm also willin' to be the 1st to send the key via email before receiving the US key. Or if you live in Hong Kong, I can meet you anywhere anytime to sell it for HKD$220, that's 80% the orig price.

If ever I don't get to sell the card, I might consider playin in the Taiwan server. I'm thinkin of rollin a Human Holy/Shadow Priest [Alliance] or NE Rogue [Alliance]. Alliance to try sth new from my old Tauren Hunter. I'd be lookin for a clan for endgame raid's. Although preferably, I'd like to play with my friends in the US realm and trade this card ^^"

As you can see from the armory, I haven't played WoW since July 10, and am really anxious to get back in the game. I spent my pocket money on the taiwan card and can't afford a new one for another month ^^". I'd really appreciate it if anyone could trade a US key with me, or buy this card from me ^^". I'm currently in Hong Kong. Cell#60717758 / email:

Cheers... Enjoy WoW!! game 4Life~~~

P.S. to Moderators: Sorry for the post, I know adverts are not allowed, t's just I don't know anyone playing in a Taiwan server, so I don't know where I could pass this card to. ^^". This is the only place I could find which has a chance of gettin this card off. I hope you guys can understand Smile

Taiwan server or US Server

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