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Blind DragonBlind Dragon

Posts : 148
Joined : 2006-08-07
Age : 35
Location : Shanghai

Character in WOW
Server: Ma Duo Lan
Name: Kenzaya

  Wed 11 Oct 2006 - 15:01  #
To talk about which addons you use and which one you recommand...

Please post the source and the link to DL it.

Some ADDONS website :

Server : MaDuoLan
Kenzaya - Mage Gnome - 70 - Alchemy 375 / Herbalism 375
Krougi - Hunter DE - 70 - Letherworking 375 / skinning 375
Mulon - Priest - 66 - Tailoring 375 / Enchanting 300
Karakas - Shaman - 60 - Jewelcrafting 300 / Mining 330 << /w

Posts : 207
Joined : 2006-09-19
Male Age : 35
Location : Beijing

Character in WOW
Server: Beijing 2 - 主宰之剑
Name: Amore

  Wed 11 Oct 2006 - 18:19  #
Bon... let's go !!

First of all, I use the French version of the game... so, mostly French addons, which may not be compatible with the Chinese interface (But, you'll find them in English for sure ... )

My "must have" Twisted Evil :

1) Titan Panel (A bar at the top or the bottom of your screen that displays what you want)
Add whatever you want to this one... scratch
(Like TitanRuneCounter for Mage; ShardCounter for warlock; TitanQuest ... )

2) Fast Quest (Display the level of the mobs involved in the quest in your quest book)

3) Gatherer (Remind you of all the locations where you have ever found ore/herb/treasure/fish...)

3) Auctioneer/Enchantrix/Informant/EnhTooltip/Stubby (Search through the Auction House, and then display, under your items, their prices / Tells you the elements you'll have after disenchanting items / Prices of item from PNJ sellers)

6) Atlas ( Maps of Instances !!! and other maps as well...)

5) Mobhealth (Tell you the health of every mobs... calulate from the first hit... pretty accurate, and damn useful!! *Don't work in PvP, of course...*)

12) JudgeHype PNJ Tracker (Hum... a PNJ tracker ??!! ) fou

0.7) Fishing Buddy (hehe... I'm already hearing her from here... But... well...) tongue

两)Easy priest (One of these addons is really usefull, a right clic to selfcast a spell. Works with other Class too... like Paladin, Droïde...)

½) Arcanum (Special Mage decu ... A visual mod which help Mages to handle the water, the food, buffs and portals... )

Some of these addons requires dependencies... so be careful... affraid
look for this when you download them.


Posts : 207
Joined : 2006-09-19
Male Age : 35
Location : Beijing

Character in WOW
Server: Beijing 2 - 主宰之剑
Name: Amore

  Sat 28 Oct 2006 - 16:25  #
Wow... everybody use the same Addons than me... I'm impressed... Shocked

Well, actually, I'm looking for another one... You won't be using it for the moment, of course, but maybe you have heard about it and can give me a hint Very Happy

Sooo, I'm looking for an Addon that displays all the domages generated by your group, and not only yours... It's fun to look for the one doing the higher score, even when we are a Priest who don't score that much... Embarassed

It must exist (I've watched it in a video... or the guy must have been really powerfull to do all of that by himself affraid ) but I didn't find it out yet...

Pleeeaaase, heeelp me! You're my last hope !... Euh... Rolling Eyes

Waiting for your tips!
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