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 Font- Any propositions?

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Mukla the gorillaMukla the gorilla

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Server: 耐萨里奥
Name: Hirna
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  Sun 29 Jun 2008 - 7:13  #
Hey everybody !

Almost 2 years that I play on Chinese realms, and today i get boring of the fonts. By fonts i mean when you hit someone the numbers aren't displayed as in the original WoW (I downloaded your fonts folder).
Is there any way to get back the old fonts, but still I'd like to see Chinese.

Thanks if you find new fonts !!

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  Mon 30 Jun 2008 - 7:55  #
Hey there,

2 years and you just got tired of it.. I got tired of the fonts after 2 min Smile

I use these 2 addons called Scrolling Combat Text its a popular addon that displays almost everything you need to know on your screen you can modify as you like in what you want to display but turn the original blizzard SCT OFF.

In the settings you can choose from a lot of different fonts and how the display them and what to display to your likings I believe you can also make the addon apply the fonts on other parts of the game but this is not always working.

Scrolling Combat Text
Scrolling combat text Damage

The Second one is to display your damage done why this is seperate I have no idea but its the same addon.

Good Luck

Many of you probably already heared of this addon since its almost just as old as wow itself and proved so usefull that blizzard even made there own version of it in a later patch ( the blizzard sct in your interface ). There for maybe some of you find it unusefull I have to disagree with that because since blizzard released there own version they havent changed anything on it. the guys who made this one keep improving it and adding refreshing new things to it. I can RECOMMEND these addons to everyone and not only for those who dont like the fonts :p

Font- Any propositions?

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